Monday April 1, 7PM and 8.45PM
assembled by Ben Coonley
70 minute program – admission $6
reservations recommended:

Works by: Trisha Baga, Jeremy Bailey, Peter Burr, Ben Coonley, Ian Cheng, James Fotopoulos, Dara Greenwald, Adam Khalil,  Monica Kogler & Rose Mori, Sara Ludy, Thomas Martinez, Yvonne Martinez, Eric W Mast, Brenna Murphy, Tara Mateik, Sabrina Ratté, Billy Rennekamp, Yoshi Sodeoka, JD Walsh and more

© Image courtesy of Ben Coonley

Microscope Gallery welcomes Ben Coonley back to the space to present an April Fools Day screening of over a dozen artists’ first attempts at using stereoscopic 3D video and/or 3D animation software. Stereoscopic video, which requires the audience to wear special glasses to create binocular impressions of depth, is different than 3D animation,  the process used to create movies like “Wall-E”, in which computer-generated objects are manipulated in a virtual 3D production environment.

In creating either stereoscopic 3D video or  3D animation artists are forced to contend with complicated physical and optical laws as well as novel technical demands. These conditions occasionally require or inspire desperate shortcuts and unruly cinematic visions.

“My First 3D” unites the two “3Ds” for a celebration of accidents, partially rendered visions, self-effacing illusions, the z-axis, red and cyan, the act of seeing with two eyes simultaneously, polygons, render time, techno-adolescence, and the thrill of doing it in deep space for the first time.



© Images courtesy of Adam Khalil (left) and James Fotopoulos (right)

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Ben Coonley’s works been exhibited at venues in the US and internationally including MoMA PS1’s “Greater New York: Cinema,” Performa, the New Museum for Contemporary Art, The Moscow Biennale, and the International Film Festival Rotterdam among many others. He is an Assistant Professor of Film and Electronic Arts at Bard College and lives and works in Brooklyn NY and Annandale-on-Hudson.



© Images courtesy of Dara Greenwald (left) and Yvonne Martinez (right)

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