Saturday April 6, 7PM
This is Video Mulch
Video and Sound by Luke Wyatt
admission $6 – artist in attendance
60 minute program

© Image courtesy of Luke Wyatt

Microscope Gallery welcomes Brooklyn-based artist Luke Wyatt to present an introduction to his distressed and resonant moving image works, or “Video Mulch” as he call them.
Wyatt says of the process used to make the works:

“I select video to appropriate based on its mood resonance or compositional zing. My VCR gets beat up with a size 13 docksider until it makes errors and the VHS tape spits up on itself. While digitizing the video I induce the computer to make mistakes by not telling it the truth about the data it is ingesting. I isolate the mistakes I like best, outline them, and send them back to my VCR, resuming the docksider attack, repeating this process until things attain an anti-sheen, losing any crisp edge, as if they had always belonged together…”

The night will feature Wyatt’s medium-length Sad Stonewash, for which he also composed the soundtrack, as well as reshuffled segments from a recent DVD series he made for Peoples Potential Unlimited label (see below).

Read about the artist on Rough Magazine

– –
Luke Wyatt lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. The vagaries of old VHS tape helped him flesh out a longstanding obsession with elevating decay and the thrown-away. He combines the detritus of dying video tapes with carefully culled computer glitchery, and terms the results “Video Mulch”.  Beyond his personal work, he has garnered acclaim for music videos for artists like Mi Ami, Autre Ne Veut, and FORMA.


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