born 1982, Washington, DC
lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

BA Bard College, Film & Electronic Arts, 2005

Awards & Residencies
MacDowell Colony Residency, Peterborough, NH 2014
Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY, 2009
Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY, 2008

Solo Exhibitions
The Changing Room, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2015
Paper Plexus, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2013

Selected Solo Screenings
Persuading the Public, Millennium Film Workshop, Brooklyn, NY 2015
Endings, Stony Brook University Keynote, New York, NY 2014
Varieties of Visual Experience, Experimental Intermedia, New York, NY 2014
The Black Bird, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2013

Film in the House of the Word, Duke University, Durham, NC, 2013
Mad Liberation, Anthology Film Archives NYC , 2010
Navajo Radio, Monkeytown, Brooklyn NY, 2007

Selected Group Exhibitions & Screenings
Space Time Singularities: Eros, Halpern, Lampert, Peephole Cinema at Union Docs, Brooklyn, NY, 2015
Lary 7, Joe Grimm, Sarah Halpern, Sound Off, Alwan Arts, Center, New York, NY, 2015

Sarah Halpern and Tim Geraghty, Fotofono, Brooklyn, NY 2015
Sarah Halpern & Tim Geraghty, Sight Unseen, Baltimore, MD 2015
Sliding N2, expanded cinema as part of Slide, Slide, Slide, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2014

Screen Compositions, Experimental Intermedia, New York, NY 2014
Third Mind Bending, The Stone, New York, NY 2014
Views of the Avant-Garde, New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center, New York, NY 2013
Sliding, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2013
Our Way Lit by Projectors’ Glow, Vaudeville Park, NYC, 2012
Optics:O, Vaudeville Park, NYC, 2012
The Index of Maladjustment, Union Docs, New York, 2012
Millennium Nomadic, Greenpoint Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY, 2012
Signal to Noise #2, Museum of Moving Image, Queens, NY, 2012
Death of Kodachrome, Participant Gallery, New York, NY, 2011
Kodachrome, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2011
E.P.I.C. (Extreme Personal Intimate Cinema), Migrating Forms Festival, Anthology Film Archives, NYC, 2010
Spray, Fe Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, 2009

Selected Performances
Sliding, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2014
Modular Equinox: Sarah Halpern & Tim Geraghty, Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY, 2014
Optipus Laboratory, three performances w/ Optipus Film Group, The Kitchen, NYC, 2012
Sonic Circuits w/ Matt Wellins and Mike Haleta, Pyramid Atlantic, Washington, DC, 2012
Halpern, Wellins & Haleta, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 2012
Halpern & Wellins, Flywheel Arts Collective, East Hampton, MA, 2012
Signal to Noise, Museum of the Moving Image, Queens, NY, 2011
Spectrum, Index Festival, w/ Optipus Film Group, Millenium Film Workshop, New York, NY 2011
On Magic, Collage and Language: chalk drawings and projections, Moonlighter Presents, New York, NY 2011
Spalms, Mono No Aware, Brooklyn, NY, 2010
Oneida, Sarah Halpern & Matt Wellins, VIA Festival, Pittsburgh, PA, 2010
Halpern & Wellins, Strange Maine, Portland, ME, 2010
Sarah Halpern & Matt Wellins, Fe Gallery Pittsburgh, PA, 2009
Metric System Festival, New York, 2009
Scratches, Unsmoke Systems Gallery, Braddock, PA, 2009
Room Tone (18 sounds in 6 models) w/Ben Owen, Tuned City Festival,  Staalplaat, Berlin, Germany, 2008
Frozen Elephants Performance with 16mm loops, Kunsthaus Glogauer, Berlin, Germany, 2008

Selected Publications
no she’s not here (2013), cover image, Anthology Film Archives catalog, New York, NY, Oct – Dec 2015
Solar Plexus Cineplex Nexus, by Sarah Halpern, Planetary Projection/Caboose Books, March 2013
Shoes, Cars, Filth, Projection; the Language of Anxiety Dreams, by Sarah Halpern, Incite Magazine, 2013

Selected Press
“THE SKINNY: Artspace Pick” by Alex Allenchey, ArtSpace, 2013
“Sarah Halpern: Paper Plexus”, Blouin Art Info, April 2013
“Calendar”, Carolina A. Miranda, C-Monster, 2013
“Oh, Boy! These 7 Art Shows will Get You Stoked!” by Allison Galgiani, Bushwick Daily, 2013
“What’s Showing Today? Sunday April 14” by Jon Dieringer, Screen Slate, 2013
“Harmony from Noise: Modular Synthesizer Electronics” by Allison Gaigiani, Bushwick Daily, 2013
Shoes, Cars, Filth, Projection; the Language of Anxiety Dreams” by Sarah Halpern, Incite Magazine, 2013
“Solar Plexus Cineplex Nexus” by Sarah Halpern, Planetary Projection/Caboose Books,2013
“Optipus Laboratory at The Kitchen”, BlouinArt Info, 2012
“Film Screening: The Index of Maladjustment”, Art Watch Weekly, 2012
“2010 Mono No Aware: Official Lineup” by Mike Everleth, Underground Film Journal, 2010

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