Saturday April 27, 7pm
Stranger Collaborations
organized by Jacqueline Goss
featuring new works by Goss, Vanessa Haroutunian, Alexia Welch, Maxwell Paparella paired with others of their choosing
admission $6 – artists in attendance

© All images are courtesy of the artists

Microscope is very pleased to present on evening of video organized by filmmaker Jacqueline Goss featuring works by Goss, Vanessa Haroutunian, Alexia Welch, Maxwell Paparella. For “Stranger Collaborations” these members of the Joanie4Jackie collective at Bard pair their works with a piece chosen from the J4J archive, drawing from a surfeit of images and sounds made by strangers to illustrate the personal and ineffable.

The J4J collection was started by filmmaker Miranda July in the 1990’s and is now an international collection of over two hundred films and videos made by young women and girls and now housed at Bard College.

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PROGRAM includes:

Alexia Welch, video & slides, 2013
Video and found 35mm slides are used to create a revision of pasts, presents and futures.

Dream Diary
Maxwell Paparella, video, 2013
Dream Diary is an ongoing series that employs the video production of others in an attempt to revisit areas that are no longer accessible by the usual means. Involuntary REM visions are reconstructed as language in the morning. Later, search terms are excerpted, videos are downloaded, and a reenactment is staged with editing software. One set of symbols is traded for another with the hope of favorable exchange rates.

Party in the USA
Vanessa Haroutunian, video, 2010
A cover video of a cover video found on YouTube.

Who Says
Vanessa Haroutunian, video, 2013

Beginnings of Grammar
Jacqueline Goss, video, 2013
Figures from Daniel Arijon’s seminal “Grammar of the Film Language” read love letters that never reached their intended readers.


– –
JACQUELINE GOSS makes movies and web-based works that explore how political, cultural, and scientific systems change the ways we think about ourselves. For the last few years she has used 2D digital animation techniques to work within the genre of the animated documentary. A native of New Hampshire, she attended Brown University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She teaches in the Film and Electronic Arts Department at Bard College. She is a 2008 Tribeca Film Institute Media Arts Fellow and the 2007 recipient of the Herb Alpert Award in film and Video.

© All images are courtesy of the artists

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