now what #2
film, video, new media, & live moving image performances

presented by Microscope Gallery
at our neighbors, Running Rebel Studios:
6 Charles Place, Brooklyn NY 11221
general admission $8
students (with ID) $6

w/ works by:
Filipe Afonso // Sandra Araujo // Rachelle Beaudoin // Jason Robert Bell // Molly Bradbury // Byron Chan // Scott Cramer // Clint Enns // Angela Ferraiolo // Melissa Fielding // Scott Fitzpatrick // LJ Frezza // Jeymer Gamboa // Tim Geraghty // Rocky Horton // Jonathan Johnson // Ted Kennedy // Cory Kram // Jonas Lozoraitis // kevvy metal // Jolene Mok // Jeremy Moss // Ellen Mueller // Zach Nader // Kristin Reeves // Liz Roberts // Richard Sylvarnes // Matt Town // Laura Trager // Douglas Urbank // Video Club // John Wilson // Stephanie Wuertz // The Youngrrr // Xiaowen Zhu

w/ performances by:
Jeff Donaldson // Bradley Eros // Jeanne Liotta // Kristin Lucas // Erica Magrey

It’s Summer, now what!

Microscope is very pleased to present the 2nd installment of now what, a night of screening & moving image performance curated from an international open call. The 3 programs include a wide-range of mostly new and recent works from established to emerging artists working with Super 8mm or 16mm film, digital video, video games, appropriated footage (from Youtube, Google & other sources), music video, performance and more. The night also features 5 live projection performances, most presented for the first time including multi-screen, live sound, multiple projectors, glitch and weird objects.


PART I (click for full program)
Doors 7PM / Screening 7:20PM

Jeymer Gamboa / Cory Kram / Kristin Reeves / Rachelle Beaudoin / kevvy metal / Douglas Urbank / Liz Roberts / Byron Chan / Xiaowen Zhu / Rocky Horton / Jeremy Moss / Clint Enns / Stephanie Wuertz

Performance:  Erica Magrey

PART II (click for full program)

Scott Fitzpatrick / Molly Bradbury / The Youngrrr / LJ Frezza / Jonathan Johnson / Jason Robert Bell / Sandra Araujo / Angela Ferraiolo / Video Club / Zach Nader / Matt Town

Performance:  Kristin Lucas / Jeanne Liotta

PART III (click for full program)

Ted Kennedy / Filipe Afonso / Jolene Mok / Laura Trager / John Wilson / Ellen Mueller / Jonas Lozoraitis / Tim Geraghty / Melissa Frielding / Scott Cramer / Richard Sylvarnes

Performance:  Jeff Donaldson / Bradley Eros


now what #2 is a project curated by Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti and based on an international open call
and with the help of:
Lexie Stoia, Matthew Town, Courtney Megan Treglia, Yelena Milskaya, Running Rebel Studios, Rob Lowe

Thanks to all the artists who submitted their work to now what.

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