Saturday September 28, 7pm
A live video/sound performance by Jeff Donaldson and Phillip White
w/ interactive installation by members of the new media collective Membrane (Jon Baken, Jeff Donaldson, Josh Knapp, Gabe Liberti)
admission $6

In connection with the current exhibition “this is our house / this is our rules / and we can’t stop” glitch artist Jeff Donaldson has organized a unique evening of analog based video and sound works including interactive installation and live audio/visual performance. The event opens with an immersive virtual reality computer simulation by the new media collective Membrane (Donaldson, Jon Baken, Josh Knapp, & Gabe Liberti) and continues with a live audio visual improvised performance by Donaldson and sound artist/composer Phillip White.

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Jonathan Baken explores the beauty and chaos of new soundscapes with his homemade modular synthesizer
Josh Knapp is a  3D sculptor and game designer. His crossword puzzles appear regularly in the New York Times.
Gabe Liberti is a Brooklyn-based sound artist, producer, and engineer. He never stops to ask himself why.
Philip White is a composer, performer and improviser who works with an array of homemade electronics at the intersection of noise, jazz and contemporary concert music and exploits the tension between rigorous, closed electronic systems and the urgency of human compulsion.
Jeff Donaldson is a Brooklyn-based new media & glitch artist originally from Corpus Christi, Texas. Donaldson pioneered the practice of preparing video hardware to intentionally short circuit (notendo, 2001). He has exhibited and performed internationally.


Philip White + Jeff Donaldson
Audio + Video Improvisations
approx. 20 min

A virtual reality installation of glitched and databent models by Jon Baken, Jeff Donaldson, Josh Knapp, Gabe Liberti

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