Monday October 7, 7PM
Video Musics III: Floating Oceans
a video opera w/ live music by Alexis Gideon
admission $6 – RSVP recommended to

Image courtesy of Alexis Gideon

We welcome artist Alexis Gideon to Microscope to perform his video opera Video Musics III: Floating Oceans, which debuted last January at the New Museum in New York.

Video Musics III: Floating Oceans (2012) is a 38-minute stop-motion animation video opera based on the works of the early 20th century Irish writer Lord Dunsany, and inspired by the time and dream experiments of the Irish physicist John William Dunne. The work is the third installment of Gideon’s Video Musics series, the artist’s main body of work exploring traditional folklore through modern multimedia techniques, rich musical compositions and an epic ballad story structure. All dialogue and narration are expressed through lyrics and music that are composed and performed live by Gideon alongside the projected video, matching exactly every action like a prerecorded soundtrack.

The New Museum paired Gideon with South African artist William Kentridge for a joint exhibition in January 2013. Click here to read New Museum interview.

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Alexis Gideon graduated from LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts (New York) in 1999. He graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in musical composition and performance under the mentorship of Anthony Braxton in 2003.  By 2014, Gideons’ “Video Musics” series will have been performed in 10 countries including at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson, Carnegie Museum of Art’s 2013 International Apartment Space, New Museum (NYC), Baltimore Museum of Art, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus), Portland Art Museum, Time Zones Festival (Bari, Italy), Suedpol (Luzerne, Switzerland), Centre d’Art Bastille (Grenoble, France) and HBC Gallery, (Berlin, Germany). Gideon has received two project grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Council of Oregon.  His work has been translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian and Chinese and has been included in the Chinese culture curriculum at Oregon State University.

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