Saturday October 5, 8pm
a music video by Cave Days
directed by Emma Zbiral-Teller
video release party at Running Rebel Studios

w/ live bands Cave Days / Dead Sexy Shiela / Imaginary Friends / Bright Future / Vulture Shit
and DJ James Lucius Gray

presented by Microscope Gallery
organized w/ Jon Murphy and Running Rebel Studios
w/ visuals by Luke Wyatt
Admission $5, 21+

Microscope is very pleased to presents the premiere of “Coke Party” a music video by Cave Days directed by Emma Zbiral-Teller at our neighbors Running Rebel Studios. The release party continues with performances by the bands: Cave Days / Dead Sexy Sheila / Imaginary Friends / Bright Future / Vulture Shit, w/live film and video projections curated by Microscope. The night closes with sets by DJ James Lucius Gray.

The event is organized along with Jon Murphy and Running Rebel Studios, 6 Charles Place, Brooklyn, NY 11221. More info at

Coke Party by Cave Days
music video, 3 minutes 45 sec, 2013
directed by Emma Zbiral-Teller

“This is every party you couldn’t leave, every drink you didn’t want, every crowd you couldn’t escape, every friend that didn’t care. “Coke Party” is every hallucination that followed you to the end of the beer stained hallway as you fought your way out to find yourself face to face with the reality of it’s shivering body.

This is an exploration of color and form that’s layered within every socially awkward situation and the way they move alongside a character in escape.” — EZT

cinematography by Justin Teichen and Uriah Kalihiki
Shot on location in Brooklyn, NY with RED Scarlet-X


Jon Murphy is an illustrator, musician, and barista currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He is the lead guitarist for the Long Island band, Coasta, and the lead singer/songwriter for his project,Cave Days. His artwork has been seen on both U.S. shores and abroad. Publications that include Think Faest / Faesthetic!, Paper Spaceship, Hope Mountain News, and Australia’s Empty Magazine and Semi-Permanent. More info at

A Chicago born filmmaker, Emma Zbiral-Teller is interested in naturally questioning representations of reality through the eyes of the human condition. She studied at Hampshire College and the Prague Film School and currently survives on pizza, yoga and video art in Brooklyn, NY where she is working on the conception of a short film about a haunted astronaut. More info at

Music for people who live in basements, by people who live in basements. More info at

BRIGHT FUTURE is a Brooklyn based electronic band with beatmaker/producer Frank Midnite at the helm. In 2011, Bright Future released ‘Blue//Black’, 72 minutes of lo-fi bedroom pop on cassette tape through his tape label, Nite Thief Records. Painted in blood with goth’y post-punk undertones (marinated in tape hiss and isolation) Midnite’s soundscapes explore a wide range of sonic textures and experimental recording techniques: the final result is a smooth hazy dream recalling early sounds of disco, soul funk, post punk, blues, and late 70s cinema. More info at

fuck you we’re punk
…up from the crusty hells of brooklyn new york come the Imaginary Friends…part Manchester 1978, part Seattle 1991, part Vincent Price, all Fucking GYAAAR!! More info at

Just go with it, ’cause it’s too late.
Band Interests: Sparkling water, fruit gushers, knives, dried out knuckles
More info at

More info at

More info at

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