Monday October 14, 8PM
An Evening with Ghost.Babe
sound and light by Kevvy Metal & Julian Glander
admission $6

“And out of the dense fog it emerged; what looked to be a hideous creature made of putrid primordial puss.  As the creature opened its mega-mandible the sweetest sounds chilled the bones of the peasants and emanated across the vast valley which they called home. The Ghost Babe had returned to her kingdom.”

On the final night of the exhibition “this is our house / this is our rules / and we can’t stop” artist Kevvy Metal, whose video installation is on view, performs with Julian Glander as the sound project Ghost.Babe. Ghost.Babe use a mixture of analog and digital noise makers in combination with pop culture news to create a sound which branches from drone and noise to a more contemporary appropriation of sounds akin to the remix we are all familiar with. Artists Kevvy Metal and Julian Glander cull from their expanding interests and musical oeuvre, in creative symbiosis, to challenge and draw attention to modernity and culture AS WE KNOW IT.  With 8mm film, slide and light projections.

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Ghost.Babe was founded in 2011 by artist and filmmaker Kevvy Metal and illustrator Julian Glander in Boston, MA, while they were university students. Both currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY. Metal and Glander also founded the VHS tape project Monobrow, which  released its first issue this summer and is distributed by Printed Matter.

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