Monday November 18, 7pm
Listening Party
w/ Carver Audain / DataSpaceTime / Immanent Voiceless
approximately 60 minutes
admission $6

© Courtesy of Ray Sweeten & Lisa Gwilliam (DataSpaceTime)

In connection with the current exhibition “Thresholds”, artists Ray Sweeten & Lisa Gwilliam (DataSpaceTime) present a night of live sound with performances of works by the pair, Carver Audain, and Immanent Voiceless, a project of Ivan Khilko. Each of the artists will debut new works or works in-progress utilizing digital signal processing technologies, from hardware to web-based.

In  “Silt/Whisper” and “Untitled”, Audain creates immersive sound environments, exploring harmonic structures comprised of slowly shifting sound fields that merge and transform within their physical surroundings.

Immanent Voiceless (Ivan Khilko) is joined by Pasha Katsev on “The Uncontrollability of Real Things” and “Battleship”. The first piece is inspired by the Oblique Strategies of Brian Eno and John Zorn’s Cobra, places the decisions over musical events in the hands of the computer. The second returns control to the musicians as the two play a game of Battleship, with each move affecting the processing of user-generated sounds.

And, DataSpaceTime’s automated audio experiment is created from the data interactions taking place in their current multi-browser moving image piece “the _____ of strings and objects” on exhibit. In this work the sonic abstractions function as extensions of the artists techno-visual process, alternately textural and pointillist.

Immanent Voiceless is the audiovisual project of Ivan Khilko, based in NY.  IV combines various sound sources to explore themes of discreteness and continuity and especially the liminality between these two states. This is accomplished through manipulation of instrumental recordings, found sound, radio broadcasts and pre-recorded music into drones and musical events which interact throughout the course of a piece.  

Carver Audain is a Brooklyn based composer and intermedia artist who creates immersive sound environments using digital signal processing and editing techniques on a variety of environmental and instrumental recordings. A self taught pianist, Audain composes music in the Acousmatic tradition, which, as defined by French composer and theorist Pierre Schaefer, refers to “a sound that one hears without seeing the causes behind it.” He has played at Issue Project Room and won awards:

Sound and visual artist RAY SWEETEN and artist and set designer LISA GWILLIAM debuted as the collaborative duo DataSpaceTime in November 2011 at Microscope Gallery with the exhibition “the optimal value for y”. They have since exhibited and performed at Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ; Whitdel Arts, Detroit, Michigan; Festival A-part, Provence, France; Cyber Arts Gallery, Jamaica Plain, MA among others.

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