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akiko iimura Event Details

7:00 pm

Microscope Gallery is very excited to present an extremely rare screening of the films of writer/filmmaker Akiko Iimura, rediscovered in the past year in their original 16mm formats. Mon Petit Album (1971) and Late Lunch (1978) are the only two films by Iimura and for years have been solely available as video transfers. Late Lunch, a 28-minute coalescence of color, light, and material objects has never before screened in the US. Mon Petit Album, Iimura’s first film, was last screened in the 1980s at Millennium Film Workshop. Both were inspired by the sounds of Belgian musician Jacques Bekaert, who was living in New York at the time and wrote original compositions for Iimura’s films in response. Iimura will be in attendance.

akiko iimura

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joel schlemowitz Event Details

7:00 pm

Microscope is very pleased to present a new live expanded cinema and sound performance “Reliquary” by Joel Schlemowitz, whose current exhibit PARALLAX REVERIES is on view at the gallery. In “Reliquary” Schlemowitz projects and layers imagery from 16mm footage, 35 mm slides and colored gels, incorporating sounds from vintage 78 Victrola records – selected during the course of the performance – and the fragrance of burning incense into a unique, live poetic and immersive sensory experience.

joel schlemowitz

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