Friday December 20, 7PM
“Best Of All Possible Worlds”
Works by Maxwell Paparella
w/ Elliot Kaufman
admission $6 – artists in person

Still from “Maxwell Paparella’s World Series Chapter One Sickest Dog In The Doghouse” (Maxwell Paparella, 2013) / courtesy of the artist

We are very pleased to welcome Maxwell Paparella and Elliot Kaufman for a night of new videos and the debut of the first chapter of World Series, a live video lecture/presentation by inspired by the iMovie effect named after Ken Burns. This will be the first time the 2013 Bard College graduates in Film & Electronic Arts have screened together.

Paparella’s World Series is, according to the artist, “a proposal for a failed project”. The narration of Chapter One Sickest Dog In The Doghouse “concerns itself with an amateur analysis of pervasive symbology of modern living – ‘Thank You’ shopping bags, E(ART)H bumper stickers, perfume advertisements in glossy magazines – as well as more localized, vernacular forms – auto shop advertisements, supermarket folding chair floor displays, diner placemats – in hopes of treating all aesthetic experience as essentially similar, occurring by the same means and imposing itself on the same subjects.”

This work will be preceded by a selection of videos from Paparella’s “My Institutions” cycle, a series of Powerpoint presentation videos related to government, family, economy, education and religion. The program also includes Elliot Kaufman’s recently completed 11-minute, ASPEN, a work that combines various digital and analog technologies, documentary footage and 3d rendered materials.

Paparella and Kaufman will be in attendance and available afterwards for Q&A.

Approx. 45 minutes

Religion, 2013
by Maxwell Paparella (2:46)

Education, 2013
by Maxwell Paparella (3:02)

Family, 2013
by Maxwell Paparella (3:55)

Government, 2013
by Maxwell Paparella (2:30)

Economy, 2013
by Maxwell Paparella (3:37)

ASPEN, 2013
by Elliot Kaufman (11:00)

Maxwell Paparella’s World Series Chapter One Sickest Dog In The Doghouse, 2013
by Maxwell Paparella (~19:00)

Maxwell Paparella currently lives and work sin Hudson, NY. Recent work includes an incorrectly formatted PDF and a series of water-resistant nude studies. He has previously screened in New York at Microscope Gallery and Eyebeam. More info is available at

Elliot Kaufman is a video maker living in New York City. He uses appropriated footage with personal materials to investigate information systems and obsolete technology. More info at

Still from “Aspen” (Elliot Kaufman, 2013) / courtesy of the artist

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