Monday January 27, 7pm
Dreams or Memories?
A Selection of Films by Cory Kram
admission $6 – artist in person  

Still from “Apology Accepted”(Cory Kram, 2013) – © courtesy of the artist

Microscope is very pleased to welcome Philadelphia-based artist Cory Kram for her first solo screening.
The new and recent short videos in the program utilize layered textures, collage, appropriation and experiments in lighting to suggest dreams and nightmares, or racing recollections and fears. Despite the sparse settings and narrow focus on single subjects including an abandoned honey moon resort and a creepy food mascot, Kram’s works suggest a sense of a detached yet racing and unsettled mind. The atmosphere in amplified in several works with audio tracks by Will Molden.

Microscope previously featured Cory Kram’s videos in our “now what” screening/expanded cinema events last year.

Cory Kram is a multidisciplinary, multi-dimensional artist from Southern New Jersey. She has previously exhibited, screened, or performed at galleries and venues including Philadelphia Photo Arts Center; MoMA, NY; Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, Stern Gallery, Philadelphia; Vox Populi, Philadelphia; Goldilocks Gallery, Philadelphia; and Garbage World 7, Garbage Fest 2 among others. Kram received her bachelor’s degree in studio art and media studies from Ursinus College in 2012 and studied Norwegian architecture and design at the International Summer School at the University of Oslo, Norway.

PROGRAM includes:

Woman in Love (2011), 3:49 minutes, film transferred to digital video
The dangers of drug abuse and romantic relationships as highlighted by carefully edited public domain footage retrieved from the Prelinger Archives.

Beatrice (2012), 3:58 minutes, fim transfer to digital video  
The memories, nightmares, and addictions of two selves merge to form a chaotic reality.

Sky (2013), 3:13 minutes, digital video & digital video  
The Sky is alive. It is made up of faces we cannot see. The cosmic energies expelled from the large eyes of these faces influence our everyday life. A vivid collage composed of magnified images gathered from Women’s Day magazines of the 1970s.

Subway Mask (2013), 1 minute, webcam
A lonely, but hopeful, critter sits on an abandoned subway platform below the streets of Philadelphia and waits for the arrival of a nonexistent train.

Apology Accepted (2013), 2:14 minutes, vhs to digital video
Bob’s Big Boy is creepy and will always be creepy. Here’s the proof.

Penn Hills (2014), 2:59 minutes, film transferred to digital w/  photographs
A short, experimental documentary exploring the rapidly decaying interiors of Penn Hills in the Poconos, a recently abandoned honey moon resort. A popular destination in the sixties, Penn Hills closed in 2009. However, mostly everything still remains in the numerous buildings that cover 500 acres: heart-shaped tubs, mirrors, round beds, fake plants, and even shag carpeted ceilings.

Axterix7 (2013), 3:41 minutes, film transfered to digital video
A late night, interpretive laundry room dance.

Summer (2014), 1:08 minutes, film transferred to digital video,
An experiment in creating a perfect table-top utopia for plastic objects. Constructed and Filmed during the summer of 2013 at Space 1026 in Philadelphia.

Y (2013), 5:22 minutes

Mr. Peanut/Window (2013), 3 minutes, film transferred to digital video
Mr. Peanut, anxiety creatures, cabin fever, winter, and one window.

Getting Better (An Interpretive Raisin Dance) (2013), 3:22 minutes, film transferred to digital video
An interpretive California Raisin dance.

Plus a few additional works!

Still from “Asterix7” (Cory Kram, 2013) – © courtesy of the artist

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