Celluloid films destroyed, damaged or otherwise lost by the commercial lab
March 8 – 31
Opening Reception Sat 3/8 6-10pm
Closing Reception Sun 3/30 6-9pm
(w/ films screened throughout the night)

Microscope Gallery is pleased to present NO SHOW, a group show celebrating celluloid film works conceived and shot on celluloid but lost, destroyed or otherwise damaged by the commercial lab through accident, mistake or neglect during the developing process. In every film work, except for those self-processed, the lab is the filmmaker’s silent partner and agent whose knowledge and attention to the developing or printing determines that which is made visible and what is left forever unseen. NO SHOW celebrates all film works that did not survive the lab, including the originals behind any new works that arose in their place by embracing the damage or absence of missing footage.

During the opening and closing events (on March 8th and 30th respectively) artists will present their stories live and screen any surviving elements of their films. The footage in its cans and other representations of “lost” work  will be on view during the exhibition. Artists and their works will continue to be added throughout the length of the show.

Participating artists include: Katherine Bauer, F.P. Boué, Martha Colburn, Timothy Geraghty, Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder, Sarah Halpern, Takahiko Iimura, Stephanie Gray, Andrew Lampert, Josh Lewis, Jonas Lozoraitis, Kevvy Metal, Liz Roberts, Lynne Sachs, Joel Schlemowitz, Kelly Spivey, Richard Sylvarnes, Leslie Thornton, Moira Tierney, Matt Town, Stephanie Wuertz, and others.


A work by F.P. Boué

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