Monday March 24, 7pm
Building Blocks: Maillart From The Ground
Installation & Screening Event by F.P. Boué
admission $6 – artist in person

© courtesy of the artist

Microscope is extremely pleased to welcome New York-based artist F.P. Boué to the gallery for the first US film/video installation/screening event of his “Maillart From The Ground” series, featuring original footage of constructions by the Swiss civil engineer/architect known primarily for his revolutionary work with reinforced concrete.

Boué illuminates – both in color HD and b&w Super 8 – Maillart’s Töss bridge in Winterthur Switzerland in the looping video /film double projection installation “Töss”. In “Maillart vom Boden aus (Maillart From The Ground)”, Boué has recorded seven of Maillart bridges and a concrete ceiling in various locations throughout Switzerland. Despite the significance in architectural history of Maillart’s structures, some have now neglected, endangered, or have recently been demolished.

“Boué’s work is motivated by a concern with the reciprocal translation between the two-dimensional representation of architecture and its three-dimensional reality….” – Dan Sherer

F.P. Boué was born in Marburg, Germany and studied linguistics, the history of art, architecture and film in London and Paris. He lives and works in New York and has been showing three-dimensional works involving architecture, landscape and urban situations since 1981. His work has been exhibited at Galleria Luigi Deambrogi, Milan; Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, Galerie Corinne Hummel, Basel; Centro Galileo, Madrid; Markus Winter, Berlin;  Participant Inc., New York. He began showing films in 1999. His films have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Kunstmuseum, Bern; Shedhalle, Zürich; Künstlerhaus, Stuttgart; Anthology Film Archives, New York; Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt; New Museum, New York; and Tate Modern, London.


Loop installation:

Töss, 2010-2014
Super 8, grayscale and HD video, color, 3 minutes each
Featuring the Töss bridge in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Film Screening:

Maillart From The Ground, 2013-2014
Super 8 camera original and projection copy, color and grayscale, 14 minutes
Presented for the first time in a special architecture program at the Videoex Festival 2013 in Zürich, Maillart From The Ground is a filmed record of seven bridges and one concrete ceiling in different locations around Switzerland. Each one of these structures is shown as an entity in itself, a monument and simultaneously a vector in a network. All editing decisions, including the black pauses were made at the time of filming often during the first encounter with the works represented.

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