The Return of the End of New York:
Paintings by Nick Zedd  & John Paul O’Grodnick
April 25 – 26
presented by Microscope Gallery w/ Millennium Film Workshop
at Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery #104
Opening Friday April 25, 6-9 PM

Nick Zedd, “Chronozon”, 2013, oil on canvas, 16 x 16 inches
© courtesy the artist

Microscope Gallery is very pleased to present along with Millennium Film Workshop The Return of the End of New York: Paintings by Nick Zedd and John Paul O’Grodnick a two-day exhibition opening on Friday April 25 and taking place during a brief return to New York City by the legendary founder of the Cinema of Transgression movement.

With The Return of the End of New York…, Nick Zedd debuts new and recent additions to his ongoing Entities series, a series first shown in a solo show at Microscope in 2011. Zedd’s oil on canvas 16×16 inch circular works are manifestations of the artist’s “Theory of Xenomorphosis”, which posits the possibility of a super-evolutionary process leading to mutation through the injection of an alien genetic code. Additionally, a series of 2 x 3 inch oil paintings made both as a technical challenge and to explore more explicit imagery will be premiered. The miniature works can also be seen as “an exercise in economy undermining the hegemony of size.”

For The Return of the End of New York… Zedd also introduces the aerosol and acrylic works of “raw emotion on canvas” by John Paul O’Grodnick. The artist, who Zedd became acquainted with early this year, also works with sculptural objects and in urban settings.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a program of three of Nick Zedd’s classic underground films “Police State” (1987), “Why Do You Exist” (1998), and “Ecstasy in Entropy” (1999) will be screened in original 16mm on Saturday April 26 at 7pm.

© Image courtesy of John Paul O’Grodnick

NICK ZEDD is a film-maker, painter, writer, actor, political satirist, and a leading figure of the Lower East Side cinematic revolution, the Cinema of Transgression – a term he coined in a manifesto proclaiming “a new generation of filmmakers daring to rip off the stifling straight jackets of film theory in a direct attack on every value system known to man.” Zedd’s films are screened regularly worldwide including and are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). His paintings have exhibited at Microscope Gallery, ADA Gallery, and Pendu Gallery among others.

JOHN PAUL O’GRODNICK’s art is inspired by his in the moment, unusual imagination, activism, life experience, and his appreciation of a wide spectrum of music. O’Grodnick works are currently featured in a solo show at reBar in Brooklyn, NY and a group show Le Salon D’Art in Manhattan. He has previously exhibited during the past year at Elena Ab Gallery, NYC; Exit Room, Brooklyn; Pop-Up Shop; The DL, NYC; among others. And, his solo exhibition at 5Pointz last fall was their final exhibition.
The Return of the End of New York: Paintings by Nick Zedd with works by John O’Grodnick is presented by Microscope Gallery w/ Millennium Film Workshop at:

Brooklyn Fire Proof
Gallery #104
119 Ingraham Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Gallery Hours:
April 25 6-9pm (opening reception)
April 26th noon-6pm, w/ screening at 7pm

Nick Zedd, “Crucifucked”, 2014, oil, cotton and plastic on wood, 16 x 22 inches

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