Saturday April 26, 7pm
The Return of the End of NY: Films by Nick Zedd
co-presented by Microscope Gallery & Millennium Film Workshop
at Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery #104
filmmaker in person, admission $8

Stills from Ecstasy in Entropy (1999) and Police State (1987) © courtesy of Nick Zedd

Microscope Gallery & Millennium Film Workshop are very pleased to welcome NYC underground legend Nick Zedd on a quick visit from Mexico City to present a rare screening of three of his classic Cinema of Transgression films on original 16mm film. The program includes the black & white Police State, featuring Zedd as the falsely arrested; Ecstasy In Entropy starring Annie Sprinkle and Taylor Mead; and “Why Do You Exist” a work accompanied by audio cassette sound. Also starring in the works: Brenda Bergman, Little Annie, Dr. Ducky Doolittle, Darryl Free, Gene Suicide, Joey Zero and others.

The screening is the final event of a whirlwind two-day exhibition “The Return of the End of New York: Paintings by Nick Zedd & John Paul O’Grodnick”, which opens on Friday 4/25 6-9 and is on view Saturday 4/26 from Noon-6pm.

(approximately 45 minutes)

Ecstasy In Entropy, 1999, 15 min, 16mm (audio cassette sound)
A group of warrior lapdancers struggle to overthrow the
authoritarian structures of corporate state capitalism.
In between a succulent blowjob, the naked superwomen punch and
wrestle in a voluptuous cataclysm of feminine ferocity while a chihuahua named Pinky
sniffs at their feet. Stars Annie Sprinkle, Taylor Mead, Brenda Bergman,BOB, Jaiko Suzuki.

Why Do You Exist, 1998, 11 min, 16mm  (audio cassette sound)
A series of closeups of real urban “types” in which the camera is returned to its
Edison-era status as a simple recording device.
Featuring Brenda Bergman, Kembra Pfahler, Dr. Ducky DooLittle, Mike Diana, Little Annie.

Police State, 1987, 18 min, 16mm
A black comedy about the abuse of power, exposing in all its ugliness, the callousness and corruption of the criminal justice system and its impact on those who don’t conform to approved cultural stereotypes. “A nihilistic roller coaster ride through hell” – Joe Bob Briggs
Starring Zedd, Rockets Redglare, Flip Crowley, Willoughby Sharp.

NICK ZEDD is a film-maker, painter, writer, actor, political satirist, and a leading figure of the Lower East Side cinematic revolution, the Cinema of Transgression – a term he coined in a manifesto proclaiming “a new generation of filmmakers daring to rip off the stifling straight jackets of film theory in a direct attack on every value system known to man.” Zedd’s films are screened regularly worldwide including and are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). His paintings have exhibited at Microscope Gallery, ADA Gallery, and Pendu Gallery among others.

The Return of the End of New York: Paintings by Nick Zedd with works by John O’Grodnick is presented by Microscope Gallery w/ Millennium Film Workshop at:

Brooklyn Fire Proof
Gallery #104
119 Ingraham Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Gallery Hours:
April 25 6-9pm (opening reception)
April 26th noon-6pm, w/ screening at 7pm.

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