Monday April 28, 7pm
Antiquarian Avant-Garde Film Soirée
Moving image works by Catherine Corman, Bradley Eros, Gill Arno & Joel Schlemowitz
admission $6 – artists in person

Microscope Gallery turns the night over to curator Catherine Corman for “Antiquarian Avant-Garde Film Soirée”, a program of film, video and performance works by Corman as well as artists Gill Arno, Bradley Eros, and Joel Schlemowitz. Seeking the natural, the genuine, the unguarded moment, in forms that are outdated or otherwise forgotten by most current practitioners, the works in the program re-engage with that which was once the avant-garde, referencing silent films and pre-cinematic devices, including handcrafted 16mm film, 35mm slides, live foley and more.

“While photographing the American West, Robert Adams often referred to a quote from Stuart Davis on his goal as an artist. ‘I am not looking for something newer and greater. Everything new and great already exists – has always existed. We need to make our connection with it.’ – CC

The program is inspired by Joseph Cornell and Jean Painlevé.


8mm film, approx. 10 minutes
by Gill Arno
A found footage collage of mid-century family vacations, collected from Italian flea markets, creating intimacy and sharing memories with a lost family.

Anna Karenina
video, b&w, 5 min, 2013
by Catherine Corman
A collage film of 1927 Greta Garbo and Anna Karenina, evoking Joseph Cornell’s practice of creating Renaissance portraits of women out of old film stock.

Preserved in Amber
16mm film, digital video, magic lantern slides, sound, live film performance, approx. 10 minutes
by Bradley Eros
A spell of l’amour fou for both the subjects & the material of these evanescent fragments.


16mm, color, live sound, 6 min, 2012
by Joel Schlemowitz
Illusions made manifest through light and shadow.

Gill Arno is a New York artist originally from Italy. His current work includes  video, photography, print, sound recording and composition, installations and live performance. Arnò often collaborates with other artists publishing books and recordings, and runs Fotofono a small studio which holds public events.  Latest shows include sound and image at Eyebeam, The Kitchen, The Fire House, and White Box.

Catherine Corman’s book of photographs, Daylight Noir, was exhibited at the Venice Biennale and is included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art Library. Her short film, Les Non-Dupes, screened at the Berlin Biennale. She is the editor of Joseph Cornell’s Dreams.

Bradley Eros is an artist working in myriad media: experimental film & video, collage, photography, performance, sound, text, contracted and expanded cinema & installation. He has exhibited at the Whitney Biennial, NY; The American Century at the Whitney Musuem, NY; MoMA, NY; MoMA PS1, Queens, NY; The Kitchen, NY; New Museum, NY; Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA; Performs09, Exit Art, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), NY; The New York, London & Rotterdam Film Festivals, among many others. Collaborations include the Alchemical Theater, the band Circle X, expanded cinema groups kinoSonik & Arcane Project, and most recently the Optipus film group.

Joel Schlemowitz is Brooklyn artist working with multiple mediums including celluloid film, installation and collage. His films are widely screened at cinemas, festivals, and institutions including at The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum, Harvard Film Archives, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), the New York Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, New York Underground Film Festival, The London Film Festival among many others. His stereoscopic and other paper collages are currently on view at his solo exhibit at Microscope Gallery PARALLAX REVERIES. He has previously exhibited at Courthouse Gallery at Anthology Film Archives, KUMUKUMU Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Cinema (Madrid), Ukrainian Institute of America, The Images Festival (Canada), Bound & Unbound Gallery.

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