Selected Press

Five Years After Giving Birth in a Gallery, This Artist is Still Raising Her Child as Art“, by Priscilla Frank, The Huffington Post, November

“Performing Motherhood, A Conversation with Marni Kotak”, by El Putnam, with Editor’s Overview by Stephen Knudsen, Artpulse (print), June
“Birthing the American Absurd: Maternal Humour in Contemporary Art: Marni Kotak, Gail Rebhan, Jill Miller”, n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal,  Volume 36, pp.50-58, KT Press, London, England, UK, July

“Marni Kotak”, by Emily Hall, Artforum (print), November
“Marni Kotak in interview”, by Natasha Kurchanova, Studio International, November 14
“Marni Kotak: ‘Mad Meds'”, by Martha Schwendener, New York Times, August 7
“Public Detox with Marni Kotak” by Trace William Cover, Perspective Daily, August
“Turning Postpartum Depression into Performance Art”, by Chem Squier, Vice, August 5
“Unpacking the Medicated Motherhood Mystique”, by Christen Clifford, Hyperallergic, July
“Performance Artist Goes Off Her Meds in the Name of Art”, by Cait Munro, Artnet, July 23
“Brooklynite Goes Off Her Meds for Art”, by Lizzie Crocker, The Daily Beast, July 23
“Happening Now: MAD MEDS at Microscope Gallery”, by Emily Greenberg, Greenpointers, July 22
“20 of the Most Confusing Performance Art Pieces of All Time” by Katherine Brooks, The Huffington Post, June 24
“Seven Can’t Miss Arts Picks this Summer in NYC” by Rob Shuster, Village Voice Summer Guide 2014, May 19
“Labour in tub is OK but childbirth in pool is unproven”, Associated Press, published in CBC News, Canada, March 20

“The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival is…” by Jillian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic, July 2
“BIPAF: Your Abridged and Annotated Guide” by Andy Horwitz, Cuturebot, July 3
“French Fair Cutlog’s NYC Debut Establishes an Edgy, Hip Frieze Week Addition” by Wyma Cloe, Artinfo, May 9
“Cutlog Loses Its Baby Fat” by Alex Carver, V Magazine, May
“Scenes from the Lower East Side’s Cutlog Art Fair” by Rebecca Smeyne, Paper Mag, May
“NADA/PARALLAX/PULSE/CUTLOG/COLLECTIVE.1” This Week in NY: The Insider’s Guide, May 9

“Pregnancy in Art: From Klimt to Yeo, The Finest in Baby-Bump Depictions”, Huffington Post, Arts. Dec. 17
“Art and About in November 2012” by James Gaddy, NYC Go, Oct 31
“Meet The Art World’s Honey Boo Boo” by Fan Zong, W Magazine, Oct. 26
“Ajax’s First Birthday Party Performance” by Katarina Hybenova, Bushwick Daily, October 26
“Your Weekend Guide to Bushwick Art Shows” by Whitney Kimball, The L Magazine, Oct. 25
“Artist who gave birth in Brooklyn gallery returns for first…” by Sara Roffino, Artinfo, Oct. 24
“Ten Things To Do This Weekend In Bushwick” by Katarina Hybenova, Bushwick Daily, Oct. 12
“Art RX” by Jillian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic, Oct. 9
“This Week’s Must See Art Events and Openings” by Whitney Kimball, The L Magazine, Oct. 8
“It’s a Women’s Art World!”, Art World Women, August 10
“Can Performance Art Be Collected… And Still Maintain Its Original Message?” by Jen Ortiz, Hyperallergic, June 28
“10 Shocking Acts By Artists” Huffington Post Arts, June 20
“The Corporate Sponsorship of Baby X” by Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic, April 2
“People Pictures: Armory Week 2012” by Paul Laster, Artnet, March
“Fountain Artists Honor Armory History With Playful Nods to Duchamp…“ by Alanna Martinez, Blouin ArtInfo, Mar. 10
“Highlights from the Fountain Art Fair: Four Standout Unorthodox Artists”, Laura Neilson, Cool Hunting, March 9
“Broken Homes Brings Down The House” by Benjamin Sutton, The L Magazine, January 4
“Marni Kotak Continues Child-Rearing Performance Piece With First Video”,  Huffington Post Arts, January 4
“This is Marni Kotak’s Baby Collaborating on Art” by Marina Galperina, Animal NY, January 3

“Best in New York Arts and Culture in 2011”, Huffington Post, December 27
“See The Women Who Shook Up The Art World in 2011”, Artinfo, Dec. 26
“The Most Controversial Art Shows of 2011” by Marina Galperina, Flavorwire, December 16
“Birth of a Notion” by James Kalm, Brooklyn Rail, December 10
“The Top Ten of Everything of 2011” by Megan Gibson, TIME Magazine, Dec. 7
“How Baby X Was Born” by Katarina Hybenova, Hyperallergic, November 14
“What’s Showing Today: Sunday November 6”, ScreenSlate, November 6
“Woman ‘Performs’ Live Birth for Gallery Patrons” by Andrea Canning,, November 4
“And Baby Makes Art! Kotak Delivers a Profound Piece – And a Son” by Butcher of Flatbush Avenue Ext., The Brooklyn Paper, Nov. 2
“Outrageous Modern And Contemporary Art: A Primer” Huffington Post Arts, October 31
“For a Gallery at the Edge: Fame is Born Tuesday” by Jed Lipinski, New York Times, Oct. 30
“Stripping Down For Art In The Naked City” by Gregory J. Krieg, ABC NEWS: Nation, October 28
“Performance Artist Gives Birth to Baby in NYC Art Gallery” by Aylin Zafar, TIME Magazine, Oct. 26
Live Birth Performance artist Marni Kotak delivers healthy baby boy” by Maura Judkis, Washington Post, Oct. 26
“Brooklyn Performance Artist Gives Birth in Art Gallery” by Ula Ilnytzky, Associated Press, Oct. 26
“Performance artists gives birth to healthy baby in art gallery”, GalleristNY, Oct. 26
“Marni Kotak, Artist, Delivers Baby Boy at Microscope Gallery” by Araceli Cruz, Village Voice, Oct. 25
“Baby X Was Born in Microscope Gallery Today!” by Katarina Hybenova, Bushwick Daily, October 25
“Meet The Artist Who Can Actually Say, ‘My Baby is a Work of Art” by Geraldine Visco, Hyperallergic, Oct. 24
“Childbirth as Performance Art” by Jenny Anderson, New York Times, Oct 24
“Birth as Performance Art” by Ula Ilnytzky, Associated Press, Oct 24
“Birth As Performance Art?” by Jennifer Block, The Daily Beast, Oct. 17
“Inside Marni Kotak’s Birthing Center at Microscope Gallery” by Araceli Cruz, Village Voice, Oct. 14
“!Women Art Revolution: the rise of female artists” by Sara Phillips, The Guardian, Oct. 13
Healthland: Brooklyn Artist to Give Birth in Public, as Performance Art” by Bonnie Rochman, TIME, Oct. 12
“A Brief History of Incredibly Shocking Performance Art Pieces” by Marina Galperina, Flavorwire, October 12
“Brooklyn Artist Gives Birth As Performance Art” by Chris Boyette, CNN, Oct. 10
“Pregnant Artist to Give Birth in Art Gallery” by Jenny Booth, The Times of London, Arts, Oct. 10
“But is it Art. Brooklyn Artist plans to give birth in a gallery” by Geraldine Baum, Los Angeles Times, Oct. 10
“Should childbirth be performance art” by Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon, Oct. 10
“Performance artists invites you to watch her give birth” by Cassie Murdoch, Jezebel, Oct 9
“Kuenstlerin Marni Kotak entbindet in Galerie” (Artist Marni Kotak births in a Gallery), Die Welt, Germany, Oct 9
“Brooklyn performance artist to give birth before audience in gallery” by Todd Venzia, New York Post, Oct. 8
“Realer Than Life: Birth As Performance Art” by Katrina Hybenova, Bushwick Daily, October 6
“Marni Kotak, Artist, Will Give Birth at Microscope Gallery, For Real” by Araceli Cruz, Village Voice, Oct. 6
“Voice Choices: Bringing Up Baby” by Araceli Cruz, Village Voice, September 28
“Back to the Future: The Williamsburg that Waz” by Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic,  March 24

“Wet’ art show makes moist of season,” by Barbara Hoffman, New York Post, Aug. 27
“Pick of the Week (8/10): Double Face Fantasy at Thomas Robertello Gallery, Chicago, IL“ by Lauren Weinberg, ed. Time Out Chicago, Aug 10

“Brooklyn’s Answer to Performa Begins Friday” by Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic, December 9
“Reflecting on Maximum Perception” by Hrag Vartanian,  Hyperallergic, Dec. 13
“Funerary Performance at English Kills” by Aaron Short, New York Post, Sept. 3

2008 (and earlier)
“Brooklyn Dispatches: Performance Anxiety” by James Kalm, The Brooklyn Rail, October 2008
“Truth or Dare: GO Brooklyn: Brooklyn’s Hottest Events” by Lisa J. Curtis, The Brooklyn Paper, August 16, 2008: Vol. 31, No. 32
“XXX Art Victory” by Stephanie Cohen, NY Post, June 7, 2007
“Apology by City on Art: It Settles Case Over a Protest at Memorial Site” by Joseph. Goldstein, NY Sun, June 7, 2007
“Art Show is Reopening in Brooklyn” by Anthony Ramirez, The New York Times, May 24, 2006
“C is for Censored: Talking with Marni Kotak, Brooklyn College Student and Censored Artist” by Nick Mamatas, Village Voice, 2006

“Park Officials Shut College Show” by Randy Kennedy, The New York Times, May 6, 2006
“City Cuts Off Phallic B’klyn Art” by Leela de Kretser , New York Post, May 6, 2006
“Sexy New York City Art Exhibit Shut Down By City Officials” by Verena Dobnik, Associated Press, May 5, 2006
“Hungry Rat Locked in Closed Art Exhibit” by Elizabether LeSure,  Sunday Tribune (South Africa), May 6, 2006
“Brooklyn College Art Exhibit Shut Over Content” by David Jones, Crain’s New York, May 5, 2006,
“Performa05: Innovations on the Periphery” by Lisa Paul Streitfel, New York Arts Magazine, March/April, 2006
“Marni Kotak’s Found Performances” by Marcy Brafman, Article Magazine, December 12, 2005
“Satan’s Cheerleaders and Live Body Advertising” by Ian Fraser, The Guardian, June 28, 2001
“Beautiful in Brooklyn” by Paul Laster, Artnet, October 2000
“Eros in New Art” by Lisa Paul Streitfeld, New York Press, July 20-26, 2000
“Across the River” by Paul Laster, Artnet, February 2000
“Art For Business Sake” by Courtney Pulitzer, Cyberscene, January, 2000
“Moving Into Outside: Williamsburg Artists on the Pulse of Their Community” by Julia Caniglia, MSN Sidewalk, 1999
“Voice Choices: Moving into Outside” by Kim Levin, Village Voice, July 1999

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