Saturday August 16, doors 8pm
A night of performance by Sascha Altman DuBrul, Lydia Eccles, Marni Kotak, Felix Morelo and Matthew Silver

Thursday July 10, shows at 7pm & 9pm
Olfactory Cinema

Bradley Eros + Optipus + Vanessa McDonnell

Thursday July 3, 7pm
Hybrids {with Avant Ads} film & video screening

organized by Bradley Eros

Monday June 30, 7pm
Sovereign Vampire Squid

Videos by Madison Bycroft

Monday June 9, 7PM
In Context: Matt Town Presents…

w/ works by: Tracey Moffat, Gerard Holthuis, Santiago Sierra, Marlon Riggs, and Matt Town

Saturday June 7, 7pm
Rewriting Film History, Reinventing Film Apparatus

curated by Enrico Camporesi
films by: Jean-Michel Bouhours, Werner Nekes, David Wharry, Mary Helena Clark, Ernst Schmidt Jr., and Peter Miller

Monday May 20, 7pm
Afternoon Lunatic

Videos by Aasa Ersmark

Saturday May 17, 7PM
The Evidence of the Film

New works by Brian L. Frye

Monday May 12, 7PM

Works by Maximilian Le Cain and Vicky Langan

Sunday May 4, 7pm

Early Films

Friday May 2, 7pm
Takahiko Iimura

Live Augmented Reality performance
introduced by Julian Ross

Monday April 28, 7pm
Antiquarian Avant-Garde Film Soirée

Moving image works by Catherine Corman, Bradley Eros, Gill Arno & Joel Schlemowitz

Friday April 25, 6-9pm
The Return of the End of New York:
Paintings by Nick Zedd & Peter O’Grodnick

Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery, 119 Ingraham Street (presented w/ Millennium Film Workshop)

Saturday April 26, 7pm
The Return of the End of NY: Films by Nick Zedd

Police State, Ecstasy in Entropy, Why Do You Exist
Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery, 119 Ingraham Street (presented w/ Millennium Film Workshop)

Monday April 21, 7pm

a film performance by Joel Schlemowitz

Friday April 11, 7pm
Late Lunch and Mon Petit Album

The Films of Akiko Iimura

Sunday March 30, 6-9pm
NO SHOW: Closing Event

With artists: Sarah Halpern, Takahiko Iimura, Liz Roberts, Claudia Rohrauer, Lynne Sachs, MM Serra (screening a work by Marie Menken), and others

Monday March 24, 7pm
Building Blocks: Maillart From The Ground

Installation & Screening Event by F.P. Boué

Monday March 17, 7PM

Videos by Eileen Maxson

Monday March 10, 7pm
Myth Mash

Videos by Katie Cercone

Monday March 3, 7pm (doors)
Race Films: Images, Bodies, and Ideologies in Motion

16mm films by Matt Town

Monday February 24, 7pm
Looking/Talking: a Live Cinema Improvisation with Stephanie Barber

Monday February 17, 7pm
Short films & videos by Baltimore moving image artists

curated by Kate Ewald, Lorenzo Gattorna & Meg Rorison

Monday February 10, 7pm
Tracking Back

Films & Videos by Anita Thacher

Monday February 3, 7pm
From the Italian Underground

Films by Massimo Bacigalupo, Piero Bargellini, and Alfredo Leonardi

Monday January 27, 7pm
Dreams or Memories?

A Selection of Films by Cory Kram

Saturday January 18, 7pm

New and Recent Films & Videos by Josh Lewis

Monday January 13, 7pm
In-Camera: Ex Speculis

Films by Katherine Bauer

Sunday January 12, 7pm
New York Preview of “Jonas in the Jungle”

by Peter Sempel

Friday December 20, 7PM
“Best Of All Possible Worlds”

Works by Maxwell Paparella (w/ Elliot Kaufman)

Wednesday December 11, 7pm
Videos by Soun-Gui Kim

Monday November 25, 7pm

Films and videos by Ugnius Gelguda & Neringa Cerniauskaite

Saturday November 23, 7pm
Works by Hanna Schaich and Janet Biggs

Video screening followed by a conversation with the artists

Monday November 18, 7pm
Listening Party

w/ Carver Audain / DataSpaceTime / Immanent Voices

Sunday November 17, 7pm
The Highwaymen #13

Poetry by William Brewer, Jay Deshpande, Marina Blitshteyn, Liz Clark Wessel

Saturday November 16, 7 pm
Spectacle of Light and Languages

Films and Videos by Peter Rose

Monday November 11, 7pm
Stasis and Spasm

Videos by Ellie Irons

Saturday November 2, doors 7pm
The debut of Reflux

an open media project by Dalius Naujo & Aidas Bareikis

Monday October 28, 7pm
Short Films of Patrick Bokanowski

Saturday October 26, 2-5pm
“Singin’ Rain”: Ajax’s 2nd Birthday Party

live interactive performance event by Marni Kotak w/ Ajax Kotak Bell & family

Monday October 14, 8PM
An Evening with Ghost.Babe

sound and light by Kevvy Metal & Julian Glander

Saturday October 12, 7pm
From found footage to lyrical film

Films by Albert Alcoz

Monday October 7, 7PM
Video Musics III: Floating Oceans

a video opera w/ live music by Alexis Gideon

Saturday October 5, 8pm

a music video by Cave Days, directed by Emma Zbiral-Teller

Saturday September 28, 7pm

A live video/sound performance by Jeff Donaldson and Phillip White

Friday September 20, 7.30pm
Frenkel Defects: Edition I: Process Reversal

works by Sarah Biagini, Nicolas Rey, Andrew Busti, Taylor Dunne, Philippe Leonard, Martha Juksaitis, Robert Schaller, & Kevin Rice

Monday September 9, 7pm
Rose Kallal: Hydrargyrum

live 16mm film and sound performance

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