Friday September 19, 7pm
by George Maciunas
presented by Jonas Mekas
admission $6 (free for Members)


Poster designed by George Maciunas / Courtesy of Jonas Mekas

Microscope Gallery is extremely excited to launch the start of our 2014-2015 Weekly Event Series with a rare projection of the slide projection piece “12! BIG NAMES!” by George Maciunas, Fluxus founding member and central figure. The work will be presented by Jonas Mekas whose Cinematheque at 80 Wooster Street was where the piece was first shown on April 21, 1976.
“12! BIG NAMES!” was a critique of his [George’s] colleague artists whom he considered as becoming more interested in building up their names than their art … The first projection was silent, except for the exuberant reactions of the audience which were recorded by Larry Miller and run during some of the following projections as a soundtrack. – JM
The “12 Big Names” are Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, Wolf Vostell, Phil Glass, Michael Snow, Bruce Nauman, Les Levine, Vito Acconci, Piero Manzoni, Klaus Rinke, and Allan Kaprow.
A special slide surprise will end the event.
George Maciunas’ autobiography via Jonas Mekas’ personal archive:

George Maciunas Bio

The night is the first of a handful connected to our current exhibit Slide Slide Slide on view through October 6th and the first “Free for Members” night of our New Expanded Event Series. (Become a member HERE)


Microscope Gallery gratefully acknowledges the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation as the Official Sponsor of our Event Series.

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