Sunday October 5, 7:30pm
mpld: sottosopra / Vioi 3
Gill Arnò / Raha Raissnia (w/ sound by Panagiotis Mavridis)
Live 35mm Slide & Sound performances
admission $6

From Gill Arnò’s “mpld: sottosopra” (2014) ©  image courtesy of the artist

As our current exhibition SLIDE SLIDE SLIDE draws to a close, Microscope is extremely pleased to present mpld: sottosopra / Vioi 3, slide & sound compositions by Brooklyn-based artists Gill Arnò and Raha Raissnia (accompanied by Panagiotis Mavridis) as the final live performance event element of the show!
In their respective pieces, Arnò and Raissnia each approach the slide projector as an instrument integrating sound and image into cohesive works using both composed and improvised moments. Both are new, roughly 30 minute pieces, that are part of a larger body of investigation. mpld: sottosopra (upside down) is Arnò’s latest performance as part of the artist’s intermedia project mpld, in which he plays sequences of modified found slides while processing and amplifying the projectors’ electromechanical sounds. Vioi 3 finds Raissnia performing with two 35 mm carousel slide projectors of original slides accompanied by Panagiotis Mavridis on his hand-built electro/acoustic instruments. The piece is the third in a series of film works using as its starting point original footage shot by Raissnia in East Harlem in 2013.  
Gill Arnò is a sound artist, performer and visual artist. In his work he engages sound and light as well as notions of memory, identity, presence and time in complex constructions and performances. He is known as an improviser and as a phonographer. Arnò was born in Italy and moved to NY in 1997. Starting in 2006, his studio in Brooklyn has been the home of an irregular series of improvised music concerts (, and of the publishing project Unframed (

Raha Raissnia was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1968 and moved with her family to the United States in 1983. Raissnia received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and MFA from Pratt Institute. Raissnia has presented all three areas of her practice – painting, drawing and filmmaking in various configurations both outside and inside of gallery settings. “My process is layered and permutational. It makes use of both old and new technologies and relies heavily on what my hands can achieve …I physically modify my projectors, mainly 16mm, super 8 and various types of slide projectors, and play them like musical instruments.” Raissnia has collaborated closely with musicians such as Charles Curtis, Briggan Krauss, Dalius Naujo and Aki Onda. Her work is represented by Miguel Abreu Gallery in NYC, Galerie Xippas in Paris and Galeria Marta Cervera in Madrid. More info at

Vioi 3
From Raha Raissnia’s “Vioi 3” (2014) ©  image courtesy of the artist

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