Saturday June 13, 7:30pm
positioning systems
curated by Zach Nader
admission $6 – Nader along with several artists on the program in attendance

Eva Papamargariti 2

Still from Terraload (Eva Papamargariti, 2014) – image courtesy of the artist

Microscope is pleased to present positioning systems, an international program of mostly new and recent videos curated by artist Zach Nader featuring works by Mark Collop, Rick Silva, Tamara Johnson, Sara Ludy, Eric Shows, Andrew Deutsch & Stephen Vitiello, Joe Hamilton, Lisa McCarty, Nicholas O’Brien, Leah Beeferman, Eva Papamargariti, Tribble & Mancenido w/John Dombroski, Lukas Marxt, Michelle Leftheris, Thomas Dexter, and Javier Bosques.

“How do you jump a fence you cannot see? To make a map is to chart a new version of the world and to outline new boundaries. These 17 videos are elaborate rituals wrapped in digital containers to outline places where knowledge and confusion coalesce. Like flashes of light into nothing, each one is an expansion on what can and cannot be known and how we might locate ourselves within an accelerating universe.” – Zach Nader


Dog Fetch
by Mark Collop, video, color, sound, 2007, 3 minute version
The Silva Field Guide to Birds of a Parallel Future
by Rick Silva, HD, color, sound, 2014, 30 seconds (from a 27-min project)
Wandering Yard
by Tamara Johnson, performance with fur, cotton, plaster, paint, remote-control car, HD video, color, sound, 2013, 2 minutes 14 seconds
Dream House
by Sara Ludy, HD video, color, sound, 2014, 10 minutes
Restoring Force
by Eric Shows, HD video color, sound, 2015, 2 minutes 15 seconds
by Andrew Deutsch (sound and video) and Stephen Vitello (sound), color, sound, 2014, 3 minutes 55 seconds
by Joe Hamilton, HD video, color, sound, 2014, 2 minutes 40 seconds
Flash Bar
by Lisa McCarty, video, color, sound, 2011, 46 seconds
Farms at the End of Winter
by Nicholas O’Brien, HD video, color, sound, 2013, 3 minutes 9 seconds
by Leah Beeferman, HD video, color, silent, 2015, 11 minutes 32 seconds
by Eva Papamargariti, HD video, color, sound, 2014, 2 minutes 12 seconds
Assimilation is a Bad Word
by Tribble & Mancenido, HD video, color, sound, 2012, 4 minutes 12 seconds
sound collaboration with John Dombroski
The Silva Field Guide to Birds of a Parallel Future
Rick Silva, HD video, color, sound, 2014, 31 seconds (from a 27-min project)
Reign of Silence
by Lukas Marxt, HD video, color, sound, 2013, 7 minutes 21 seconds
From Hand to Eye
by Michelle Leftheris, HD video, color, sound, 2011, 1 minute 37 seconds
Spin Cycle: Horizon II
by Thomas Dexter, HD video, color, sound, 2012, 4 minutes 24 seconds
by Javier Bosques, HD video, color, sound, 2014, 5 minutes 15 seconds
Running time: approx. 65 minutes

ZACH NADER is a Brooklyn-based artist originally from Dallas, Texas. His reworking of existing photographic imagery has been exhibited nationally and internationally including recently as part of a month-long nightly video installation on advertisement billboards as part of Midnight Moment in New York Times Square, Breaking Ground: Contemporary Photography, College of William & Mary, inaugurating the University’s Department of Photography in 2014, and his 2015 solo exhibition “channel surf” at Microscope Gallery. He is a co-founder of the collaborative artist project useful pictures, which highlights the work of artists who actively complicate the photographic alongside a culture of instant and global image sharing. Nader completed an Art & Science Residency this past fall at The Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation in Brooklyn, NY.

Tamara Johnson

Still from Wandering Yard (Tamara Johnson, 2013) – image courtesy of the artist

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