Friday August 14, 8pm
Shawn Gallagher / Gabriel Lyons Loeb
as part of YES
admission $6 – artists in person

Castle Dracula

Still from Castle Dracula (Shawn Gallagher, 2011-15) – image courtesy of the artist

Microscope continues its recently launched YES series of emerging artists, this time presenting works conceived for, made and screened on VHS by artists Shawn Gallagher and Gabriel Lyons Loeb.

Gallagher’s Castle Dracula is a nine-episode experiment in narrative and analog effects, inspired by the burned down amusement house in Wildwood NJ, applied to original material shot by the artist and completed over the past four years. The evening also includes selections from Gabriel Lyons Loeb’s home system series, a VHS project that merges questions, sometimes humorous or philosophical, with reworked footage from cassettes of Hollywood movies and TV programming including cartoons and fashion shows.


Castle Dracula
Shawn Gallagher, VHS, 2011-2015, 25 minutes

“The series Castle Dracula is comprised of short episodes taking the destruction by fire of the Castle Dracula in Wildwood, NJ as a starting point for the journey of a Seeker through an imaginary castle. Narratively structured as a Tarot reading with several mythic and allegorical sources woven in, including Goethe’s “Green Snake and Beautiful Lily”, the series places familiar characters along with bizarre concepts and abstract video effects.” – SG

Part 1 – Castle Gate
Part 2 – Cryptoporticus
Part 3 – Hall of Space and Mirrors
Part 4 – Will of the Wisps in the Midnight Forest
Part 5 – The Green Snake’s Golden Vision
Part 6 – Dracula’s Gaze
Part 7 – Path to the Garden
Part 8 – The Garden of the Queen
Part 9 – Ataraxia

home system (selection)
Gabriel Lyons Loeb, VHS, 2015, 20 minutes

home system develops an obsession for language on screen from a familiar shelf in the consumer’s refuge. Emanating probing, voiceless queries, it harkens to another screen that’s grown comfy on the couch, willfully confusing a history of technological development in its re-presentation of language in search of meaning amidst the quickly-forgotten detritus of a consumptive society.” – GLL

can i be your friend?
what was the question?
do you have plans tonite?
do you want kids?
won’t you take me to funkytown?
are you looking for something serious?
is this where i discover why i am here?
how much time do you have?

Running time: approx. 45 minutes

Born in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Shawn Gallagher has been a Bushwick based artist since 2005 after studying painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art. For the past 7 years, Shawn has been exploring studio-based analog video, film and music production in an evolving body of work in conjunction with his painting practice.

Gabriel Lyons Loeb is a multimedia artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. His work has shown at Flux Factory, Internet Poetry, Director’s Lounge, Babycastles, and others. He is a co-founder of Mothers, a full-service creative house in New York City.

home system

Still from home system (Gabriel Lyons Loeb, 2015) – image courtesy of the artist

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