Selected Press

Accolades”, Hyperallergic, May 2017
Eileen Maxson” by Juliana Halpert, Artforum (Critics’ Pick), July 2015
“A Conversation with Eileen Maxson” by Risa Puleo, Glasstire, August 2015
Eileen Maxson” by Arie Bouman, BE Magazine, Issue #20 “I Feel So Un/Real”, December 2013
Double or Nothing” by Alexander Mayhew, Metropolis M, June/July 2012
Cached Curses” by Chelsea Weathers, ArtLies, Volume 67, Winter 2011
“Orphans of Failure” by Troy Schulze, The Houston Press, April 22, 2010
“Lost Broadcasts” by Sarah Hentges, Popmatters, January 12, 2009
“Mechanical Perception”, by Sean Carroll, Artforum, October, 2008
Mechanical Perception at FotoFest” by Troy Schulze, Glasstire – October, 2008
The Pretenders” by Savannah Guz, Pittsburgh City Paper, April 17, 2008
Conversation: Ivan Lozano talks with Eileen Maxson Issue 85, March 9, 2007
Stop and Think” by Adrian McCoy, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, October 9, 2007
The Many Guises of Sincerity” by Regine Basha, ArtLies, Vol. 49, Winter 2006
Spring Arts Vision Quest” by Ed Halter, The Village Voice, March 6, 2006
Camera Sly: The Earnest, Funny, Sweet World of Eileen Maxson” by Jean Kwon, The Houston Chronicle, 2006
“Texas Prize” by Jennifer Jankauskas, Glasstire, December 2005
“State of the Arts” by Alex Marr, ArtReview, November 2005
Arthouse Texas Prize: Big Winner Eileen Maxson” by Rachel Koper, Austin Chronicle, November 11, 2005
“In From the Edge: Media Art in Houston” by Christopher French, ArtsHouston, April 2004
“San Antonio, Texas” review by Anjali Gupta, Art Papers, May/June 2004
Look Back in Anger” by Troy Schulze, Houston Press, June 3-9, 2004
“Do Not Adjust Your Set” by Darren D’Addario, Time Out New York, February 27-March 6, 2004
“The Year in Experimental Film and Video” by Ed Halter, The Village Voice, December 24-30, 2003
“Right at Home” by Kelly Klaasmeyer, Houston Press, August 14-20, 2003
The Year in Experimental Film & Video” by Ed Halter, The Village Voice, December 23, 2003

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