Sunday October 18, 7:30pm
it’s rarely simply black and white…
Video and live sound by Carver Audain


Still from “it’s rarely simply black and white…” (Carver Audain, 2015) – image courtesy of the artist

We are pleased to present it’s rarely simply black and white, an evening of multiple video projection and live sound by Brooklyn based artist Carver Audain, who previously performed at the gallery during the last season at our previous location.

The artist, whose practice for nearly a decade has centered around immersive environments, is in his latest works “thinking about the environments that we are immersed within on a ‘electro-molecular’ level, focused on media, devices, frequencies and transmissions”. In it’s rarely simply black and white, Audain takes as his subject the noise on a TV screen as a way to consider the role of and consequences that arise from a centralized media, drawing attention to the spectrum of color that becomes visible through the cascade of black and white on the surface.

“Since its development in the early 1900’s, Public Relations have sought to manipulate and massage the public in whichever direction those in power determined most suitable to their objectives. […] In recent history, those attuned have noticed the blatant manipulation by the mainstream media often with regards to victims of police violence; the image projected is often one that suggests that the victimization is justified due to transgressions against established ideals of social contract… The result is a fractured society constituted of people who fear each other and fail to recognize or embrace the overwhelming similarities that exist between ethnicities/cultures etc. ” – CA

The piece begins with a double video projection and evolves to include additional sound performed live by Audain.

admission – $7
students with valid ID – $5

Carver Audain (b. 1981) creates immersive environments employing digital signal processing and editing techniques on a variety of environmental aural and visual stimuli. Audain has presented his work among others at Eyebeam, Experimental Intermedia, ISSUE Project Room, Roulette, and Trans Pecos. He was the first recipient of ISSUE Project Room’s Emerging Composer’s Commission care of the Greenwall Foundation, and in 2012 he was awarded an Emerging Artists Commission from Roulette with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation. In 2013 he was also awarded a Travel & Study Grant from the Jerome Foundation, and a Community Arts Fund grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Audain lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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