Sunday December 13, 7pm

as part of Never Twice

Black Space_Ken Jacobs
From “Black Space” by Ken Jacobs (2015) – image courtesy of the artist

Ken Jacobs

“In 3 parts.  

1) Islands of sensation: audience seated in total darkness and requested not to fill it with their knowledge of others sharing the space and even of their own bodies but asked to locate the area of pressure against their chair (immediately forgetting the word “chair”, as clear as they can and then best as they can hold it in mind as they relate it in space to other sensations, to pressure against the soles of their feet from contact with the floor and to the location of my guiding voice and to any sound from others seated (what others?) or to anything felt within their bodies (which don’t exist except as more black space within an infinity of black space), all islands of sensation contributing to a constellation of sensation.  

2) Surround-sound: as with real estate, location is everything, still in black space where a little bell can go a long way.  

3) Let there be light: strobe flashes interrupt the darkness with stereo-appearances ever so slowly dying away on our retinas.”

– Ken Jacobs


Drawing by Bruce McClure for his “Textiles Through the Ages” (2014) performance for shoeless 16mm projector
image courtesy of the artist

Performance for a shoeless projector by Bruce McClure

612 feet  /  17 minutes long
Photography by Al Stahl (b. NYC 1916 – d. NYC 1999)


“The filmstrip should be screened on an Eiki SSL-0 projector with its film shoe and bracket assembly removed. As a result of this modification, the film strip is disengaged from the claw leaver assembly and pulled in front of the aperture by the continuous motion of the drive gear. The lens is focused on the filmstrip before the performance. Sprocket holes and sound track should appear relatively well defined given the slack fit of film in the film gate. Sound from the optical track is given conventional treatment.” – Bruce McClure

Found film:

“I. Textiles Past and Prologue”

Producer – Motion Film-Maker
R. Robert Newton

Animation – Al Stahl
Production Electrographics  

Art Director Photography – Ken Howie

Musical Selections – Audio & Tech production – Marc Fagan

Gensis – “los Endos”
Cat Stevens “Whistle Star”

Aron Copland – Apallacian Spring “Red Pony” “Danzon Cuban”

Merrimac Valley Textile Museum

Sturbridge Village

Text – Al Pederson

Exhibition held at Greenville County Museum of Art
October – December 1976

More info on the exhibition Never Twice HERE

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