Sunday December 20, 7pm


as part of Never Twice

Rose Kallal

From “Aldebaran” by Rose Kallal (2015) – photo by James Welburn

Microscope’s exhibit “Never Twice” continues this week, with the 2nd of four live expanded cinema performances by Andrew Lampert and Rose Kallal on Sunday December 20th.

Lampert’s new “Albuquerque” involves a person, a projection, a microphone, a laptop, a table, and possibly some other objects. Recent footage of the South West shot by the artist and sound elements (music / words) are also incorporated.

Kallal’s “Aldebaran”, also from 2015, features original 16mm films of video synthesis, film and computer animation looping at varying speeds on 4 projectors accompanied by a live modular synth score by the artist. Aldebaran is a “hypnotic, nonlinear flow of repeating patterns, motifs and animations, sometimes synchronous, sometimes dissonant, that both reflect and shape the constantly shifting, deconstructive and recombinatory nature of the music.”

As part of the exhibit the artists will have access to the gallery Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm and may or may not be present during that times to set up, rehearse or otherwise prepare for Sunday’s performance. The aftermath of the performances will be on view on Monday during the same hours.

Additional info about Never Twice HERE

Rose Kallal is a NYC based visual and sound artist. Her performances include immersive multiple 16mm film loop projections that cycle at varying speeds to create a hypnotic nonlinear flow of repeating patterns and motifs created from a wide range of technical processes, such as traditional animation techniques, video synthesis and computer animation.  She has collaborated with various artists including Mark Beasley, Victoria Keddie, Robert AA Lowe (Lichens), Joe Denardo (Growing), Mark O Pilkington, and has presented her work internationally at many venues, galleries and festivals that include Participant Inc, Pioneer Works, Ramiken Crucible, Lisa Cooley, MoMA PS1, Gavin Brown’s Enterprises at Passerby, Performa 09 & 15, Spike Island Art Centre, Bristol, UK, Bologna Museum of Modern Art, Italy, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, UK, Lightcone, Paris, France, CTM festival, Berlin Germany, Unconscious Archives #17, London, UK, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK, The Power Plant Toronto, CA.

Born in the mid-70s in the Midwest, Andrew Lampert has created an extensive body of films, videos, photographs and performances since the late 1990s. His work is widely exhibited in a variety of contexts around the world at venues including: The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Getty Museum, The International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Toronto Film Festival, The New York Film Festival, The Viennalle, Mitchell Algus Gallery, MoMA PS1, The Kitchen, The Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Visual Art Center at the University of Texas at Austin, The Images Festival, Issue Project Room, Pacific Film Archive, Aurora Picture Show, The Gene Siskel Film Center.


Image courtesy of Andrew Lampert

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