Sunday January 10, 7pm
LARY 7 (Barbara Hammer will not be performing)
as part of Never Twice

Lary 7

Image courtesy of Lary 7

We regret that Barbara Hammer will not be performing Sunday as planned, due to health issues. Lary 7 performance will start at 7pm!

Analog media connoisseur, artist and influential figure of the New York experimental music scene Lary 7 closes the exhibit “NEVER TWICE: Live Expanded Cinema Performance” with a new work involving 35mm film loops loaded on his ”Yeep-yop” machine, an open projector tipped on its side in which the shutter opens only when the film advances, causing light bursts and syncing mishaps.

7, who is known for his extensive collection of rare and antiquated analog equipment describes the work as one projector, one speaker, with color balance and electrical current changes and other simple alterations of the equipment. The work will be improvised to some degree within parameters set by the artist who with this work seeks “the maximal out of the  minimal”.

The performance will be followed by a short closing reception for the exhibition that has also featured works by Bradley Eros, Ken Jacobs, Rose Kallal, Andrew Lampert, Bruce McClure, and Joel Schlemowitz.

Lary 7 may or may not be present during Gallery Hours this week (1 to 6pm on Friday January 8 through Sunday January 10) for set-up, rehearsals, take down and other activities.

Lary 7 (born in Buffalo, New York) is a multimedia artist whose work mainly features analog, vintage and forgotten electronic instruments and technologies of the 20th century. Lary 7 is a co-founder of Plastickville Records and has been a major figure in the New York experimental underground music scene since 1970. Prior to living in New York City, 7 studied with Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad, and Hollis Frampton at SUNY Buffalo. In the course of the past decades he has worked on exceptional musical projects with diverse artists such as Jimi Tenor, Jarboe, Foetus, Tony Conrad, Alexander Hacke, Larry Mullins, Dorit Chrysler, Bernhard Gal, Jakob Kirkegard, Ken Montgomery, Michael Evans and Gordon Monahan among others. In 2013, Lary 7 was one of the last artists-in-residence at the Clocktower Gallery’s epic lower Manhattan location. Audio Visual Arts gallery in New York presented a solo exhibition of his work in 2014.

Additional info about Never Twice HERE


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