Monday January 4, 7:30pm
The Discussion
as part of Never Twice: Live Expanded Cinema Performance

w/ Ken Jacobs, Bruce McClure, Bradley Eros, Barbara Hammer, Andrew Lampert, Joel Schlemowitz, Jonas Mekas, and others

Expanded Cinema

Microscope Gallery is very excited to present “The Discussion” in connection with the current exhibition “Never Twice: Live Expanded Cinema Performance“. Participants include artists in the exhibit, as well as audience members, and Jonas Mekas, who organized a festival 50 years ago with a poster that referred to the works as “expanded cinema”, now considered among the first known uses of the term.

The main intent of the night is to hear from the artists currently working with and presenting “expanded cinema” – many for decades – about¬† what the term means today, how it applies to their work if at all, and the way the definition has or has not changed over the course of their practice as well as in the context of the experimental film and the art worlds. And it is anticipated that audience members too will have much to contribute.

The conversation will start promptly at 7:30pm and continue as long as participants feel there is still something to be said. Admission is free. Audience may enter and exit at any time.

More info about Never Twice HERE

Announcement for the “Festival of Expanded Cinema” that took place in the summer of 1965 at the Film-makers’ Cinematheque run by Jonas Mekas in New York / image courtesy of Jonas Mekas

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