Friday February 5, 8pm
Make Mine Satan
a “Black Mass” drone/sound/projection performance
Jeanann Dara, Katie Eastburn, Lisa Gwilliam & Ray Sweeten (DataSpaceTime), Nick Hallett, Zach Layton, Jim McHugh, Brock Monroe, Dan Selzer, Jeff Tobias, & Alex Waterman


Image courtesy of Lisa Gwillian & Ray Sweeten (DataSpaceTime)

Microscope is extremely pleased to present “Make Mine Satan” an extended, focused, textural drones n’ tones “Black Mass” improvisation with visuals including Lissajous lasers, projections, and smoke. Costumes will also be involved.
The roughly sixty-minute performance features each of the 10 artists positioned throughout the room on one or two instruments including voice, analog & modular synths, cello, viola, violin, bells, bass, lasers, projections, and more bells.
Make Mine Satan can be seen as a ritualistic, oppositional piece, where Satan is the totem of all things rejected by religion and state, the ultimate embodiment of other.” – Lisa Gwilliam & Ray Sweeten
The night is taking place in connection with the current solo exhibition “Echelons” by Lisa Gwilliam & Ray Sweeten (DataSpaceTime).

general admission $8
students with valid ID $6

Jeanann Dara is a violist, composer, improviser, collaborator, and curator.
Katie Eastburn performs thunderdome pop as KATIEE, and sings for composers Ray Sweeten, Nick Hallet, and Jason Cady. She was the singer/ songwriter/ percussionist for LA’s Young People. KATIEE’s debut LP “OUT ALL NIGHT” is forthcoming on Selfish Agenda/ Sunwatcher Records. Shout out to viBe Songmakers, the music education & performance program for teenage girls she founded in 2003!

Lisa Gwilliam & Ray Sweeten made their debut as DataSpaceTime in November 2011 with the exhibition “the optimal value for y” at Microscope Gallery. The artists use current technologies that are further developed or redirected as a means to consider the culture of informatics and the thresholds of image recognition and perception across various mediums. Gwilliam & Sweeten’s work was most recently on view in the solo exhibits “Cryptophasia” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (Fall 2015) as part of NextWave Art, and the six-channel installation “Breakout”, commissioned by The Parrish Museum at New York City Center January through December 2015.  Gwilliam & Sweeten live and work in Brooklyn, New York.

Nick Hallett is a composer, vocalist, and cultural producer.
Zach Layton is a guitarist, composer, curator, teacher and visual artist based in Brooklyn and Troy, NY. His work explores emergent visual and auditory phenomena occurring in space, time, sound and light. He has composed orchestral music for the Cleveland Chamber Symphony and the String Orchestra of Brooklyn and has performed and exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum, the Kitchen, MoMa/PS1, ISSUE Project Room, Roulette, EMPAC, Eyebeam, International Computer Music Festival, Experimental Intermedia, Performa, Exit Art, Sculpture Center, Transmediale Berlin, SCOPE Art Foundation, Audio Art Festival Krakow and many other venues in New York and worldwide.

Jim McHugh is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a founder of Sunwatchers, a largely-improvisational ensemble that explores the interstices of free jazz, modern minimalism, psychedelic rock and thai folk music. McHugh played in the last New York ensemble of the late free jazz pioneer Arthur Doyle, and was lead songwriter, singer and guitarist of the Athens, GA-based freak-rock big-band Dark Meat.  He has contributed guitar, phin (an electrified Thai lute) and electric saz to notable projects such as NYMPH, Drunken Foreigner Band, Matt Mottel’s Platinum Vision, and a multitude of others.  Recently, McHugh has worked as a composer for the upcoming feature-length film The Fixer, and created a guitar-based score for the Emmy-nominated PBS documentary First Language — The Race to Save Cherokee.
Brock Monroe is an artist and designer with a focus on live cinema and projector performance. His work has been presented at the Guggenheim, Lincoln Center, The Kitchen, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, and ISSUE Project Room, among others.  As one of the lead artists in the Joshua Light Show, Brock has collaborated with founder Joshua White to create live cinema performances at The Barbican, Ace Hotel London, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Mutek Mexico, Transmediale/CTM Festival (Berlin), Przemiany Festival (Warsaw), Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, New World Symphony for Performa/Art Basel Miami Beach, and the opening of Southampton’s Parrish Museum, among others.  His collaboration with Seth Kirby, creating light art to accompany William Basinski’s Vivian & Ondine was been presented as part of Carnegie Hall’s American Mavericks festival.  At Mighty Robot, an underground music venue which existed in Williamsburg during the early 2000s, Brock served as a member of its A/V Squad, creating projections for hundreds of independent rock bands.
Dan Selzer is best known as a longtime DJ and scene/tastemaker, responsible for the post-punk/no-wave reissue label Acute Records and the legendary yahoogroup nyhappenings, who only recently released his first EP of original music as New York Endless on the Golf Channel label.
Jeff Tobias is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and writer currently living in Brooklyn, New York. As a saxophonist, keyboardist, bassist and vocalist, he has worked extensively across a spectrum of settings ranging from the vast expanse of America’s DIY community to the halls of the Whitney Museum. Jeff has worked with David First, Arthur Doyle, Colin Langenus, Katie Eastburn, Ashcan Orchestra, Heather McIntosh and many others. He holds a degree in music composition from Brooklyn College. Upcoming projects and releases include the debut full-length recording of his free jazz/punk ensemble, Sunwatchers, and a cassette of compositions for electro-acoustic chamber groups. More can be discovered at
Alex Waterman is a founding member of the Plus Minus Ensemble, based in Brussels and London, specializing in avant-garde and experimental music. In New York he has performed with the Either/Or Ensemble. Alex has worked with musicians and artists such as Robert Ashley, Helmut Lachenmann, Michael Schumacher, Marina Rosenfeld, Anthony Coleman, Ned Rothenberg, David Watson, Chris Mann, Alison Knowles, Thomas Meadowcroft, and Steve Heather. He has performed as guest musician with numerous ensembles, including Champs d’Action, Q-O2, and Magpie Music and Dance Company.

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