Monday February 8, 7:30pm
Laima & Naujo TV
Video premiere and sound performance by Laima Griciute and Dalius Naujo


Image courtesy of Laima Griciute and Dalius Naujo

Microscope Gallery is extremely pleased to present the premiere of the just completed new video feature “Laima & Najuo TV” followed by a live percussion performance both by the New York-based Lithuanian collaborators Dalius Naujo and Laima Griciute.

After joining together on various moving image projects and musical performances, ranging from a series of absurd instructional drumming videos to short “Laima & Najuo TV” episodes all posted on YouTube, this new work the duo takes the audience on a more concentrated hour-long, diaristic but non-linear journey of their evolving relationship. “Laima & Najuo TV” emerges through private Skype sessions recorded while separated by an ocean as well as iPhone footage of their daily life together and amongst friends in New York City, shot mostly over the past year.

A 45-minute percussion driven cascade of drums, electronics, vocal, and trombone performance based on Dalius’ conceptual compositions concludes the night. Naujo and Griciute have been performing together in various bands both in the US and in Lithuania since 2014.

“Most important is that we don’t know why or what we do. But we just do…” – DN & LG

general admission $7
students w/ valid ID $5

Laima Griciute is long-time friend of Dalius Naujo and many NY downtown musicians. She is also Cosmic Manager of the recent Rasa Rasa album (published by John Zorn’s Tzadik label). She has helped tremendously in the performances of Kenny Wollesen, Dalius Naujo, and Jonathon Haffner at the Fluxus Ministery in Vilnius, Lithuania, three years in a row — and also in releasing the Rasa Rasa album. Lately she is playing drums.

Dalius Naujo (Naujokaitis) is a free musician playing free music, devoid of musical clichés and stylistic boundaries, disregarding traditional means of sound production and customary creative forms. The texture of Naujokaitis’s music has absorbed a rich universe of sound – it contains musical elements from different countries and regions, features from various trends and genres, as well as sounds and noises from the surrounding world. This creator and performer, distinguished by his extraordinary expressiveness, finds music everywhere, from the sounds of nature to the hum of cities. And in his hands, very diverse objects – dishes, handrails, saws – turn into musical instruments. Naujokaitis values spontaneous music making very highly, participating with great passion in various performances, including many initiated by him. He has played and recorded with a variety of New York bands including Kenny Wolleson’s Himalayas and Wollesonics, Art Baron, Butch Morris, Joey Barron, Briggan Krauss, Jeff Ballard, Brazilian Girls, Tim Keiper, Jonathon Haffner, Otomo Yoshihide, Rocco John Group, and On Davis’ Cartoon Satellite among many others. Naujo started his musical career in Lithuania and regularly returns for various projects.

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