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…The one condition…, anonymous, 8 x 11″, b/w photocopy on paper, readymade, 2011

How the Trees were Green, Yasue Maetake, 10 x 26″, color c-print,  2011

Untitled (85), Nathlie Provosty, gouache and ink on paper, 11 1/8 x 9 in., 2010

Untitled (98), Nathlie Provosty, gouache on paper, 7 1/2 x 5/8 in., 2010

Untitled, 20 x 30″, Allison Somers, archival digital photograph, 2011

Untitled 2, 20 x 30″, Allison Somers, archival digital photograph, 2011

Storm, Moira Tierney, sound recording, 81 mins, classic ipod (5th generation, 60gb) with headphones, in handmade corrugated plastic case with photograph printed on Opalux, covered with layer of Letratone, 2011

Desc: This is a recording of a massive storm in dumbo, Brooklyn. The recording progresses from loud thunder and rain, to low rumbling thunder with the subway rattling over the Manhattan Bridge in the background, to sporadic thunder as the storm calms down, ending with a return to domesticity: kitchen sounds, more subway and helicopters in the background.
The photograph was taken out the window of my loft building; it shows the Manhattan Bridge flanked by a couple of converted warehouses. The photo is covered with a layer of Letratone graduated dot screen (one of the last sheets of Letratone left in NYC).

Border #8, Moira Tierney, 9″ x 11″, photographic print from cellphone photograph, 2010
Border #32, Moira Tierney, 9″ x 11″, photographic print from cellphone photograph, 2010
Desc: Part of a series of 32 photographs taken while crossing the Irish border, in January 2010.
Driving backwards and forwards between Leitrim and Fermanagh, there was no way of telling at which point the mysterious line had been passed; even my phone was undecided as to when exactly to welcome me to the UK. It was on one such trip that these photographs were shot – an afternoon in January, with one of the celebrated local mists hanging heavy on the hills and the road disappearing into itself around every bend …

Yin/Yang (tornado/projection), Bradley Eros, 8 x 11″, b/w photo-collage on paper, 1992

Untitled, Catherine Cullen, ink on paper, 22 x 30″, 2001, framed

Mysterious Death of A Baby Crocodile at Jefferson Street, Katarina Hybenova, 8 x 2 ft., photographic print, 2011

Untitled, Sebastian Mekas, object installed, 2010

Tornado Bags, plastic bags installation, 2011




CNN News Clip, 1′ 30″, 2010

9/16/10, by Jonas Mekas, col, sound, miniDV, 3 mins, 2011

What Tornado (Grisaille), by David Baker, digital video, b/w, sound, 15 mins, 2011
“A stroboscopic phantasmagoria of reflected light with extreme meteorological associations.” — DB

Brooklyn Tornado, by Bill Roman, video, col, sound, 2′ 30″, 2011
“Like most of the photos and videos I take, my video of the storm approaching and engulfing the elevated Flushing Avenue train station is accidental timing.” — BR

Eros c’est Lamour, by Bradley Eros & Tim Geraghty,  5 minute excerpt, dvd, 2008
“An excerpt (the 2nd half) emphasizing the cinematic link between tumultuous passions and natural cataclysms. Here the violent catastrophe of weather mirrors the hurricane of human emotions. The footage comes primarily from John Ford’s 1936 disaster film THE HURRICANE, starring the queen of the sarong, Dorothy Lamour.” B E

Tornado Drive, miniDV, col, sound, 8′ 30″, 2011
Tornado strikes, Brooklyn caught off guard. A night time surveyance of Bushwick, Bed-Stuy and Clinton Hill, on 9/16/10.

Wadena, by Peggy Ahwesh, 20 minutes, HDV, col, sound, 2011
Every summer I go to Minnesota to visit the in-laws and last year when driving into town to get groceries came upon the wreckage of the then recent tornado in Wadena (June 17, 2010).  It was weeks afterward the event, the news crews had gone and the local people were into repair mode, with the facts of the devastation already accepted and the inventories of loss already calculated. Reflecting on my position as a tourist and observer, I thought to shoot footage of the neighborhood to contextualize in a future video about disaster tourism, ethics, old town stamina and the value of possessions.  That video is still to come, but here I offer a preview of the raw footage.

Green Green, by Looli B, miniDV, col, sound, 2 mins, 2011
Contemplating the tornado sky.



Also on display:

56 minutes of videos about the tornado selected from YouTube.

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