Sunday February 19, 7:30pm

YES: Nicholas Steindorf & Kyle Williams 

Q&A w/ artists following the screening

Still from “New Grey Planet: Library” by Blinn & Lambert (2017) – courtesy of the artists

Microscope is very pleased to present as the first 2017 edition of our emerging artist series YES a screening of new and recent video works by Brooklyn-based artists Nicholas Steindorf and Kyle Williams, including those made under their collaboration Blinn & Lambert. The program includes the premiere of a new Blinn & Lambert work “New Grey Planet: Library” as well as the first work made under the pseudonym and other videos made by each artist individually.

In playful and paradoxical works such as “Family” and “Untitled (Pyramids)” Kyle Williams is concerned with alternative ways of looking at everyday objects, providing them with a new life and appearance on screen, often involving special lighting and the construction of props and mechanical apparatuses. Nicholas Steindorf’s meticulous 3D modeled and animated videos research the singular and poetic within the digital realm through two distinct projects: “Zach”, highlighting the “sanitized voyeurism of looking at a digital body” made in reaction to the release of nude avatars of actress Ellen Page, and “52525252525252” in which the artist made one video per week for a year employing a variety of filmmaking  techniques.

The collaboration Blinn & Lambert finds a calibrated mix of these two individual approaches, leading to another unique universe of works. For example, “New Grey Planet: Library” – inspired by the movie “Solaris”, the myth of Pygmalion, and the story behind Balthus’ “The Mountain” – features protagonists real and/or 3D animated as well as objects at play  in an empty space station.

Steindorf and Williams will be available for a Q&A following the screening.

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Still from “exCarnation” by Nicholas Steindorf (2014) – Image courtesy of the artist

Blinn & Lambert is the collaborative project and pseudonym of Nicholas Steindorf and Kyle Williams. The duo works in video, digital animation, and practical special effects.

Nicholas Steindorf holds a BFA from Columbia College Chicago and an MFA in painting from Yale University. His practice focuses on screen-based technologies with outputs in animations, installations, and digital-drawings. Recently, his project Zach_Version_1.0 was exhibited in the interactive online-exhibition space The Virtual Dream Center, and Zach_Version_1.1 was exhibited at EXO EXO, Paris. Steindorf currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

Kyle Williams is an artist working with moving image, projection, and installation. His practice focuses on the exploration of the strange kinds of presence objects can have on screen. Williams holds a BA from Stanford University in Art History and an MFA in painting from Yale University. His work has been shown internationally and in various galleries in New York and San Francisco. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn and teaches video art at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA.


With the underwriting support of the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation.


(Running time: approx. 60 minutes)

“Family”, (a collaboration with Lance Marchel), 2014, digital video, audio 8:44
“Sparks”, 2015, digital video, audio 0:46
“Untitled (Moon)”, 2015, digital video, silent 4:24
“Untitled (Glass Screen)”, 2015, digital video, silent 2:50
“Untitled (Table)”, 2015, digital video, silent 2:50
“Untitled (Pyramids)”, 2014, digital video, silent 1:45

“Scan”, 2014, 2:00-loop, digital animation, audio by Darren Will
“IMEIMEIME”, 2015, 2:16, digital animation, audio
“Seize”, 2015, 6:27, digital animation, audio
“exCarnation”, 2014, 3:30 or 2:00, digital animation, audio
“Boat”, Red Toenails, Atlantic Ocean, 2013, 0:23, digital video, audio
“30_WOW_still_life”, 2016, 3:30, digital animation, audio
“37_Jets_vs_Bills”, 2014/16, 2:27, digital video, silent
“47_Contrapposto”, 2016, 3:00, digital video, audio
“11_MarbleFoldedMirror”, 2016, 2:47, digital animation, silent

“New Grey Planet: Chapter 1”, 2016, 7:36, digital video, audio
“New Grey Planet: Library”, 2017, 10:00, digital video, audio

Still from “Untitled (moon)” by Kyle Williams (2015) – Image courtesy of the artist

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