Saturday February 24, 7:30pm
Nick Zedd: Tear Down the Wall
Screening of new and recent works
Artist in person!

Eclipse_Nick Zedd
From “Eclipse of the Ectoparasite” by Nick Zedd (2017) – Photo: Eduardo Solano Berbe.
Image courtesy of the artist

Microscope welcomes Nick Zedd back to the gallery for an approximately 60-minute screening program of 17 new and recent video works, most of which are world premieres. The legendary former Lower East Side underground artist is visiting from Mexico City where he has lived for the past 7 years.

Among the works making their debut are more than a handful of music videos, a new form for the artist who is best known for his loose narratives often involving amateur actors, transgressive subject matter and complex dialogues. These include “Deathless” (2017), which features Frambuesa Trip and Tim Gendron from The Greys (NYC) and incorporates footage shot inside and outside by a drone camera of the Hotel Virreyes, where Nick Zedd and his family recently became the last holdouts in a showdown with their landlord, who evicted the residents in order to transform the building into a luxury hotel. Musicians featured in other works are Vente al Diablo, Natalia Ibanez Laria, and #laBAE.

With the exception of “The Death of Muffinhead” (2016) – starring New York artist Muffinhead and Anais Djin in all the roles and shot and edited in Brooklyn, NY – all the works were filmed in various locations in Mexico including Mexico City, Sir Francis James’ surrealist gardens in Xochitla, and the remote village of Icatepec in Guerrero.

Zedd’s early films were screened earlier this year in “New York Film and Video: No Wave-Transgressive” at MoMA in conjunction with the museum’s current exhibition “Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in East Village 1978-1983”.

Nick Zedd is a film-maker, painter, writer, actor, political satirist, and a leading figure of the Lower East Side cinematic revolution, the Cinema of Transgression – a term he coined in a manifesto proclaiming “a new generation of filmmakers daring to rip off the stifling straight jackets of film theory in a direct attack on every value system known to man.” Zedd’s films are screened regularly worldwide including and are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). His paintings have exhibited at Microscope Gallery, ADA Gallery, and Pendu Gallery among others.

General admission $8
Members & Students $6


Program includes:

Viva Libre
2017, 3 minutes 30 seconds
Most recent music video shot last year in a forrest and graveyard with Ix Chilita on vocals and Tim Gehren of The Greys on guitar.

Attack of the Particle Disruptors
2016, 7 minutes
Features three of Zedd’s xenomorphic entities oil paintings made in Mexico, animated and speaking. Features dialogue written and voiced by the band Sisyphus Autopsy, and by Jonathan Mittiga with voice acting by Nick Zedd. Michael Slatky provided the music.

2017, 3 minutes
Moving color portrait.

2017, 4 minutes 44 seconds
Music video shot featuring Frambuesa and Tim Gehren from The Greys, using a drone camera.
Shot on location inside and above Hotel Virreyes as well as in Mexico City’s Centro area.

2017, 3 minutes 5 seconds
A music video shot in Icatepec with Vente al Diablo, featuring Gio Guzman, the granddaughter of actress Sylvia Pinal and singer Enrique Guzman.

Eclipse of the Ectoparasite
Composite short combining outtakes and footage from two music videos, shot in Icatepec with an original score by Zedd on a synthesizer with Tim Gehren.

Travelling and Selfie
2016, 3 minutes 49 seconds
Shot with #laBAE at Sir Francis James’ forest surrealist kingdom in Xichitla.

2016, 3 minutes 24 seconds
Reggaeton songs featuring Spanish singer Natalia Ibanez Laria.

The Death of Muffin Head
2016, 3 minutes 30 seconds
“The Death of Muffinhead” was inspired by the elaborate costumes designed and fabricated by New York-based artist Muffinhead. The film stars Muffinhead and artist Anaïs Djin in all roles.
Shot in Brooklyn, NY.

A Twerker el Bootie
2016, 3 minutes 19 seconds

I Love My Haters
2016, 3 minutes 55 seconds

Love Always Love (Demonica Sweaters) 
2014, 4 minutes 18 seconds

Dr Shinto: Frustration  
2011, 3 minutes 14 seconds



Nick Zedd_Muffinhead
Still from “The Death of Muffin Head” by Nick Zedd (2016) – Image courtesy of the artist

Microscope Gallery Event Series 2018 is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

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