Monday May 21, 7:30pm
Pool Party II

w/ works by Lana Z Caplan, Naval Cassidy, Yun Chen, Josh Drake, Meredith Drum, Liliana Farber, Sasha Waters Freyer, Johannes Gierlinger, Karissa Hahn, Michael Lyons, Jesse Malmed, Jeremy Moss, T. R. Pickerill, Mike Rollo, Margaret Rorison, Rachel Rosheger, Livia Sa’, Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez, Rebecca Shapass, Barron Sherer, Amanda Russhell Wallace, Travis Wood

Still from “Story Problems” (2016) by Meredith Drum – Image courtesy of the artist

The recent heat has reminded us that it’s time to refresh our Event Series with another Pool Party,  a group screening of short films and videos selected from our submission pool the first iteration of which took place in June of 2012 at our former space. While similar nights have occurred under different titles and forms we are excited to return to the original concept. Pool Party II features recent works by 22 artists – new to established, local to international – not necessarily bound by any particular theme, but that have been submitted to Microscope’s Event Series within the past year.

We would also like to use this occasion to thank all the artists who have sent us works since we opened in 2010: Keep them coming! And, please know that this is not the first program curated from the last year of submissions, nor do we expect it to be the last.

General admission $8
Members or students w/ ID $6



Jesse Malmed

“THERE”, 2016, single-channel video, 1 minute

Johannes Gierlinger

“Broken Time”, 2011, 16mm film to digital, 1 minute

Liliana Farber

“Feed”, single-channel video, 2016, 2 minutes 10 seconds

Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez

“Empire: Can’t Remember to Forget You [Pt.1]”, 2015, single-channel video, 3 minutes 25 seconds

Sasha Waters Freyer

“Dragons and Seraphim”, 2017, 16mm film to digital, 14 minutes

Karissa Hahn

“Open Window”, 2016, single-channel video, 2 minutes

Mike Rollo

“Wake Up! Sleeper”, 2017, Super 8mm to digital, 3 minutes 30 seconds

Rachel Rosheger

“Flashing Behind Your Back”, 2017, single-channel HD video, 10 minutes

Travis Wood

“Just getting by is okay”, 2017, b&w film to digital, 2 minutes 35 seconds

Meredith Drum

“Story Problems”, 2016-2017, single-channel HD video, 2 minutes

Lana Z Caplan

“Patches of Snow in July”, 2017, single-channel HD video, 8 minutes 20 seconds

T. R. Pickerill

“Nerve Scales 7”, 2015, single-channel video, 1 minute

Jeremy Moss

“In Marfa”, 2015, 16mm film to digital, 3 minutes 10 seconds

Rebecca Shapass

“Inside Outside Outside”, 2018, single-channel video, 2 minutes 53 seconds

Margaret Rorison

“Gedanken aus der Luft”, 2017, 16mm film to digital, 5 minutes

Amanda Russhell Wallace

“Post-Instagram, (Untitled #1)”, 2015, single-channel video, 16 seconds

“Post-Instagram, (Untitled #2)”, 2015, single-channel video, 15 seconds

Josh Drake

“Creatures of Habit”, 2017, Super 8mm to digital, 1 minute 30 seconds

Livia Sa’

“-+=Oo”, 2014, 16mm film to digital, 4 minutes 33 seconds

Yun Chen

“What’s Ours and What We Are”, 2016, 16mm film to digital, 2 minutes 10 seconds

Naval Cassidy

“QWERTY”, 2017, single-channel video, 5 minutes

Michael Lyons

“Katagami”, 2016, Super 8mm to digital, 3 minutes 14 seconds

Barron Sherer

“IGmm (Mekasesque)”, 2016, 16mm film to digital, 9 minutes

TRT: 90 minutes approx.

Still from “In Marfa” (2015) by Jeremy Moss – Image courtesy of the artist

Lana Z Caplan makes experimental films/videos, photographs and installations. Often inspired by a specific location, much of her work explores the implications of the social landscape on the physical landscape, while re-contextualizing the lived world into the language of representation through technological transformation. Her work has shown at festivals, galleries and museums around the world including Chicago Underground Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Montreal Underground Film Festival, CROSSROADS Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Experiments in Cinema, Antimatter, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Black Maria Film Festival, Microscope Gallery Brooklyn, Inside Out Art Museum Beijing, Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo Mexico City and the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson. She is the recipient of several grants including from Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Puffin Foundation, and the Film/Video Studio Program Fellowship at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus OH. Caplan is currently an Assistant Professor of Photography and Video at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Naval Cassidy stages instant cinema and sound works. Choosing from his cache of small objects, only a fraction of Naval’s collection end up projected bigger than life. Manipulated in his hands and tumbling on to the screen, the objects reveal Naval’s fascination with popular culture and mass production, vaudeville and poorly lit hallways.  Naval shows have been staged and screened all over North America and Europe; working solo, or in collaboration with musician/composers Fritz Welch, Michael Evans and comic book and sound artist Malcy Duff.

Yun (Zhuoyun) Chen is a Chinese experimental filmmaker and video artist currently based in Los Angeles. Her recent focus explores history from a contemporary perspective in an attempt to critique the duality between mythology and fact through the use of cinematic practices. Yun received an M.F.A. in Film and Video from the California Institute of the Arts in 2017. She graduated with a B.F.A. from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. Yun’s works have screened in festivals, galleries, and microcinemas nationally and internationally.

Josh Drake is an artist and filmmaker based in Harrisburg, PA.

Meredith Drum is an experimental cinema-maker; in addition to her screen work she often collaborates with other visual artists as well as dancers, architects, writers, urban planners, computer programmers and scientists on location-based public projects, movement research, augmented reality apps and books. As Drum employs electronic media, she turns a critical eye on the commercial world of digital objects and experiences and sets out to open more compassionate technical imaginaries. Her work has been supported by grants and residencies from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, iLand, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Experimental Television Center, Wave Farm Transmission Arts, ISSUE Project Room and other institutions. She is an assistant professor at Arizona State University.

Liliana Farber is a visual artist born 1983 in Montevideo, Uruguay, currently living and working in New York. Farber is a MFA student at Parsons Fine Arts; previously she completed the Postgraduate Fine Art Studies at the Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College (Israel), and holds a B.A in Graphic Design from O.R.T University in Montevideo. Farber had received the Network Culture Award from Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival, the Art and Technology Award from the Montevideo City Hall and an Exellency in Art Award from the Israel Ministry of Immigration and Absorption. She participated in numerous exhibitions around the world, including: Ars Electronica Festival in Austria, WRO Media Art Biennale in Poland, FILE Festival in Brazil, Ex-Teresa Art Center in Mexico, The National Museum of Visual Arts and Zorrilla Museum in Uruguay, MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico in Spain, National Museum of Fine Arts in Chile and more.

Sasha Waters Freyer (born Brooklyn, NY 1968) makes non-fiction films about outsiders, misfits and everyday radicals. Trained in photography and the documentary tradition, she fuses original and found footage in 16mm film and digital media. Her newest work is a feature documentary on American photographer Garry Winogrand, which premiered in the Documentary Competition at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival and won a Special Jury Prize for Best Feminist Reconsideration of a Male Artist. Past projects have screened at the Telluride Film Festival, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the Rotterdam, Tribeca, Big Sky, Havana, Videoex, and Ann Arbor Film Festivals; IMAGES in Toronto, the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, Union Docs, the Pacific Film Archive, L.A. Film Forum, and Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, as well as the Sundance Channel and international cable and public television. She is the Chair of the Department of Photography & Film at VCU, the number one public art school in the United States. 

Johannes Gierlinger, born 1985. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. His work deals with the complexitiy of history,memory and resistance, as well with their forms of representation and explores readings, doubts and possible future images in form of essayistic and experimental work. His work has been screened and exhibited at various Filmfestivals and Institutions like the CPH:DOX Copehagen,Visions Du Réel Nyon, Edinburgh Int. Filmfestival, L’Alternativa Barcelona, Salzburger Kunstverein,  Diagonale Graz, mumok Kino Vienna and many more. Lives an works in Vienna. 

Karissa Hahn is a visual artist based in Los Angeles who currently  works between film and video to accumulate a storm of ‘spectra ephemera.’ Hahn has shown around the planet Earth in various cinemas, galleries, and institutions such as the New York Film Festival, CROSSROADS, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the Anthology Film Archives.

Michael Lyons (Canada, U.K.) is a researcher and artist based in Kyoto, Japan. He works as a Professor of Image Arts and Sciences at Ritsumeikan University.

Jesse Malmed is an artist and curator living and working in Chicago. His work in moving images, performance, text and occasional objects has exhibited widely in museums, cinemas, galleries, bars and barns, including recent solo presentations at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Roots and Culture, the Chicago Cultural Center, D Gallery, Syntax Season, Cinema Contra, Microlights, Echo Park Film Center, Lease Agreement and the University of Chicago Film Studies Center. A native of Santa Fe, he earned his BA from Bard College and his MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He was named a “2014 Breakout Artist” by Newcity and has attended residencies at ACRE, Ox-Bow, Summer Forum, the Chicago Cultural Center and Links Hall. He is an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and teaches in the Chicago Public Schools through CAPE.

Jeremy Moss (PA/UT) works in a number of intersecting and overlapping genres—including dance film, speculative essay and film emulsion-based abstraction. His films and videos have shown at prominent national and international festivals and venues, including Edinburgh International Film Festival, Northwest Film Forum,  Chicago Underground Film Festival , and Anthology Film Archive. He teaches motion picture production, history, and theory at Franklin & Marshall College.

T. R. Pickerill is a poet and multimedia artist from the great planes, big sky country. In 1997 he began developing The Omen Project, a series of performances, music, video, photography, painting, and installation work inspired by Nuclear War and the themes in the Iliad and the Odyssey, now spanning 20 years, 16 productions, 2 play scripts, and multiple series. He has been greatly influenced by artists such as B. Gysin, Mike Kelly, and the Viennese Actionists; the writing of W.S. Burroughs, S. Beckett, A. Artaud; Avant Garde Electronic Music, Throbbing Gristle, Situationists, Metaphysics and Astronomy. Mr. Pickerill has taken part in many video festivals internationally, and performs in the Brooklyn ‘Noise’ scene under the name Black Mass. He lives in Brooklyn and works at several NY museums and galleries.

Mike Rollo’s work explores alternative approaches to documentary cinema — methods which thematize vanishing cultures and transitional spaces through references to memory, history, religion, and autobiography. A founding member of Montreal’s experimental film collective Double Negative, Mike has curated the work of prominent international and Canadian experimental filmmakers. Currently, he is a member of Independent Visions a curatorial incubator devoted to making independent and experimental media accessible to a diverse audience in Regina. Mike’s films have shown at festivals, galleries, and conferences across Canada and internationally. His film Ghosts and Gravel Roads (2008) was honoured as one of Canada’s Top Ten Shorts in 2008 by the Toronto International Film Group and received the Mikeldi Silver Documentary Award at the 50th Edition of the International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao. Mike’s latest works include The Broken Altar (2013) and au bord de la rivière (2014).  Mike is Assitant Professor in the Department of Film at the University of Regina.

Margaret Rorison is filmmaker and curator from Baltimore, MD. Her works often develop from explorations through rural and urban landscapes, combining language, sound and imagery to create installations, films and live 16mm projections. She is interested in the potentials of storytelling through the use of 16mm projection and sound, often collaborating with sound artists, exploring ways in which the image and machine can converse. Her work has been exhibited at Anthology Film Archives, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Images Festival, Miami PULSE Art Fair, Mono No Aware VI & VII, Microscope Gallery and The Moscow Museum of Modern Art. In 2012, Rorison co-founded the experimental film and workshop series, Sight Unseen and has been an active curator of the series since.

Rachel Rosheger is a recent graduate of The Cooper Union School of Art. Her work confronts systems with truth claims that carry an insidious undercurrent of morality and consumption. It often embodies tropes that are used to seduce and indoctrinate. She is a recent recipient of the Benjamin Menschel Fellowship and currently lives and works in New York.

Lívia Sá is a multimedia artist, originally from São Paulo, Brazil. At the age of 18 Lívia moved to San Francisco to study Cinema Production and worked with a variety of independent filmmakers and photographers. She is currently based in Brooklyn and just finished her masters degree in Media Studies at The New School. Livia’s personal work range from human rights issues to experimental narratives by using both documentary and experimental filmmaking. Often times, her work goes beyond conventional approaches to cinema as she is interested in altering the viewer’s perception while stimulating different senses in her storytelling. 

Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez is a Colombian, Providence-based artist. His recent works emerge from his experiences of being a transnational adoptee growing up and living in the U.S. and consider labor and the limits of empathy when approaching problems of structural inequity. He is a resident artist at AS220 in Providence, and is a member of the 2012 EMERGENYC cohort at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics. He is the recipient of NEA funding through AS220’s 2017 Community Live Arts Residency, was RISCA’s 2017 Merit Fellow in New Genres, and is RISCA’s 2018 Merit Fellow in Film & Video.

Rebecca Shapass is a filmmaker and multi-media artist from New York City whose work explores themes of femininity, sexuality, and nostalgia. Her work has shown at Open Signal (Portland, OR), Puffin Cultural Forum (Teaneck, NJ), AE Arthouse Film Festival (Minneapolis, MI), and amongst others. She has been a resident at NURTUREart (Brooklyn, NY) and Signal Culture (Owego, NY). She will be a part of Smack Mellon’s 2018-19 Artist Studio Program where she will also be a NY Community Trust Van Lier Fellow. 

Barron Sherer is a time-based media artist with a background in moving image archival practice and research. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.A. in media arts. From there, he worked as a film archivist and his work practice eventually evolved into his art practice. He currently works in Miami with a focus on altering and repurposing archived films, and co-founded a Knight Foundation supported studio space, Obsolete Media Miami (O.M.M.), an archive project that functions as a space for the collection and use of 35mm slides, film reels, cameras, projectors and other legacy media and technology.

Amanda Russhell Wallace is a multimedia, multi-disciplinary-interested artist. Her work ranges from documentary family photography to current experiments with time-based media. Many of her projects explore internal and external (social) identities. She considers the notion that cultural identity and acceptance are based on the remnants of speech, texts, and imagery gathered and carried in various pockets of the brain throughout time. These remnants are used to represent the associations and typologies we use to form, assign (to ourselves and others), and perform identity daily, whether at home, work, the public, and online or on social media. Her artwork is exhibited nationally and internationally.

Travis Wood is a Brooklyn based filmmaker, utilizing the power of truth, his films attempt to straddle the line between nonfiction and fiction. His work can be viewed at 

Feed_still_Liliana Farber
Still from “Feed” (2016) by Liliana Farber – Image courtesy of the artist

Memories Are Broken
Still from “Broken Time” (2011) by Johannes Gierlinger – Image courtesy of the artist

Still from “Post-Instagram, (Untitled #2)” (2015) by Amanda Russhell Wallace – Courtesy of the artist

Still from “Inside Outside Outside” (2018) by Rebecca Shapass – Image courtesy of the artist

Still from “-+=Oo” (2014) by Livia Sa’ – Image courtesy of the artist

Microscope Gallery Event Series 2018 is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

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