Selected Press

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“Gold Finger”, by Nick Pinkerton, Artforum, July 2016
“Galleries Scramble Amid Brooklyn’s Gentrification”, by Holland Cotter, New York Times, April 2016
“An Art Scene Grows in Brooklyn”, by Mattie Kahn, Condé Nast Traveler, February 2016
“Best of 2015: Paolo Gioli”, by Raha Raissnia, Artforum (print), December 2015
UNTITLED’s Strongest Showing Yet” by Paddy Johnson, ArtFCity, December, 2015
AO on Site Miami Beach…“, by D. Creahan, Art Observed, December, 2015
Reconsidering the Terms We Use to Define Digital Art“, by Carlos Cardenas, Artsy, November 2015
“The New York Artist-Run Galleries You Need to Know”, Artsy, November 2015
“Five Best Galleries in Bushwick”, CBS New York, October 2015
“Jonas Mekas Interview: 365 Day Project…”, by Natasha Kurchanova, Studio International, September 2015
“Best of Brooklyn: Art & Performance”, Brooklyn Magazine, September 2015
“A Conversation with Microscope Gallery…”, by Kate Menard, Bushwick Buzz, September 2015
Eileen Maxson”, by Juliana Halpert, Artforum (Critics’ Pick), July 2015
“How Bushwick Became the Leader of New York’s Art Scene”, by Stephanie Murg, Gotham Magazine, July 2015
“Performing Motherhood, A Conversation with Marni Kotak”, by El Putnam, with Editor’s Overview by Stephen Knudsen, Artpulse (print), June 2015
“…Experts Tell Us How and Why to Collect Moving-Image Art”, by Alexxa Gotthardt, Artsy, June 2015
“Three Artists at NADA NY Who Are Reinventing The Photogram”, by Karen Rosenberg, Artspace, May 2015
“10 Galleries to Visit in Brooklyn and Queens”, by Martha Schwendener, The New York Times, April 2015
“15 Brooklyn Galleries You Need To Know”, by Christie Chu, Artnet, March 2015
“Mouths Wide Shut”, by Amy Taubin, Artforum, March 2015
“Notes from the Black Box”, by Vera Dika, Art in America, March 2015 (print-only)
“Peggy Ahwesh with Rachael Rakes and Leo Goldsmith”, The Brooklyn Rail, March 2015
5 Picks at the Moving Image Fair”, by Craig Hubert,  Blouin Artinfo, March 2015
“Your Concise Guide to Armory Week 2015”, by Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, March 2015
“Experimental Filmmaking: Break the Machine” , by Ramey Katherine, pp. 328-330, Focal Press, February 2015
“1329 Willoughby: Syntheses and Threes”, by Paul D’Agostino, L Magazine, January 2015
“Winter Round-up”, Art Agenda, December 2014
“Best of 2014: Our Top 10 Brooklyn Art Shows”, Hyperallergic, December 2014
“Marni Kotak” by Emily Hall, Artforum (print), November 2014
“New Bushwick Gallery Hub Takes Shape…”, by Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, November 2014
“Slide Slide Slide” by Genevieve Yue, Art Agenda, September 29, 2014
“Top Ten” by Jessie Stead,
Artforum (print), October 2014

“Marni Kotak: ‘Mad Meds'”, by Martha Schwendener, New York Times, August 7
“Microscope Focuses in on a new gallery space in Bushwick”, by Kate Beaudoin, Bedford + Bowery, July 2014
“Bradley Eros: eau de cinema: constellations & contradictions”, by Maya Harakawa, The Brooklyn Rail, July 2014
“On and On: Thoughts on Artists’ Cinema”, by Elle Burchill, The Brooklyn Rail, July/August 2014
“Fine Art: Playing with Senses & Memory”, by Peter Plagens, The Wall Street Journal, July 4, 2014
“From Surface to Air at Two Bushwick Galleries”, by Mostafa Heddaya, Hyperallergic, May 31, 2014
“Seen Through the Microscope: Interview with…”, by Enrico Camporesi, La Furia Umana, May 2014
“Code at the Intersection of Data, Space and Time”, by Rachael Rakes, Hyperallergic, March 27, 2014
“Midnight Moment: Zach Nader”, Times Square Alliance, March 2014
Katherine Bauer at Microscope Gallery” by Tina Rivers, Artforum, Jan. 4 2014
Inside Untiled Art Fair“, by Joshua Trileigi, Bureau of Arts & Culture (audio report at 8:30 min), Dec. 2013
In Miami, UNTITLED’s a Quiet Contender“, by Whitney Kimball, ArtFCity,  Dec. 7, 2013
Jonas Mekas: Outlaw New Works“, by Brienne Walsh, ArtReview, October 2013
“Jonas Mekas: New Works and His First Vine” by Marina Galperina, Animal, June 28, 2013
“Le New York de Jean-Stephane Suavaire,” Le Monde, May 10, 2013

“Interview with Rachael Rakes” by Whitney Kimball, ArtFCity, April 30, 2013
“New York’s (Tiny) New Wave” by Marshall Yarbrough, Cinespect, February 01, 2013
“The 12 Best Brooklyn Art Shows in 2012” by Paul D’Agostino, L Magazine, December 12, 2012
“The Latest Vibe Moved to Brooklyn: Bushwick Open Studios” by Holland Cotter, New York Times, June 07, 2012
“Gallery Pointers for Giant BOS Friday Night” by Paul D’Agostino, L Magazine, May 31, 2012
“Films Born Out of Drawings” by Katarína Hybenová, Hyperallergic, January 19, 2012
“Andrea Monti: On Making Art, Lucca, and New York” by Lee Adendorff, Loschermo, December 04, 2011
“For a Gallery at the Edge, Fame Is Born Tuesday” by Jed Lipinski, New York Times, October 28, 2011
“Performance: Künstlerin bringt Baby in Galerie zur Welt,” Spiegel Online, October 27, 2011
“Spezial: Zwischen Huhnerfarmen und Autogaragen. New Yorks neues SoHo” by Verena Straub, Art-In, Aug. 2011
DIY Bushwick” by Stephen Truax, The Brooklyn Rail, June 03, 2011
“Robertasville” by Ashlea Halpern, New York Magazine, April 03, 2011

“Takahiko Iimura x Microscope Gallery” by Ashley Zelinskie, Curbs and Stoops, March 24, 2011
Gallery Chit Chat with Elle Burchill” by Katarina Hybenova, Bushwick Daily, January 24, 2011


this is our house, this is our rules, and we won’t stop, September 14 – October 14, 2013
Art Rx“, by Jillian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic, Sept 10, 2013
The Wait Is Over! 8 Art Openings this Weekend…”,  by Allison Galgiani, Bushwick Daily, Sept 2013

OVERT & COVERT: technology & portraiture, May 31 – June 24, 2013
“AO On-Site: Bushwick Open Studios 2013” by H.P. Egan, Art Observed, June 06, 2013.
“The AFC Guide to Bushwick Open Studios” by Whitney Kimball, Art F City, May 29, 2013.
“Bushwick’s All-Night Art Fair” by Sara Christoph, Brooklyn Based, May 09, 2013.

TRIPLE BLIND: Bradley Eros, Jeanne Liotta, and Kenneth Curwood, March 24 – April 15, 2013
“Le New York de Jean-Stephane Suavaire,” Le Monde, May 10, 2013.
“Triple Blind: Bradley Eros, Jeanne Liotta y Kenneth Curwood” by Albert Alcoz, Visionary Film, March 23, 2013.

WE ARE CINEMA: 50 Years of the Film-Makers’ Co-op, February 11 – March 5, 2012
“Watch: Jack Smith Restored Film Clips” by Mike Everleth, Underground Film Journal, February 17, 2012.
“Microscope Gallery: We Are Cinema” by Mike Everleth, Underground Film Journal, February 07, 2012.

INDEPENDENCE RETURNS, September 09 – October 02, 2011
“Art Season Kicked Off in Bushwick” by Katarina Hybenova, Bushwick Daily, September 26, 2011.
“Daily Briefing” by David Hudson, MUBI, September 13, 2011.
“Independence Returns at Microscope Gallery” by Joel Schlemowitz, Cine Soirée, September 10, 2011.
“What’s Showing Today” by Jon Dieringer, Screen Slate, September 09, 2011.
“Mixing and Maximizing” by Steve Dollar, Wall Street Journal, September 08, 2011.

BUSHWICK IN THE BOX, curated by Microscope Gallery at White Box (NYC), August 26-September 10, 2011
“What’s Showing Today” by Jon Dieringer, Screen Slate, August 26, 2011.

WHAT TORNADO, February 13 -27, 2011
“The Making of ‘Mysterious Murder of Baby Crocodile at Jefferson St.” by Katarine Hybenova, Kamelka.
“Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks” by Melissa Smario, BushwickBK, February 10, 2011.


Frigging Freezing Art Events” by Whitney Kimball, L Magazine, Jan 28, 2013
“This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Outside the Norm” by Paddy Johnson and Corinna Kirsch, ArtFCity, June 2013
“Party Time, Excellent” by Steve Dollar, Wall Street Journal, January 09, 2013
“This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Chelsea’s (Mostly) Back” by Whitney Kimball, L Magazine, January 07, 2013
“Bomb Alert: Odd Balls” by Emerald Pellot, Bomblog, July 11, 2011
“Highlights from the BOS Film Festival” by Audrey Tran, Arts in Bushwick, October 09, 2011
“Bushwick Open Studios: Film Festival” by Quinn Dukes, Art in New York City, July 07, 2011
“Brooklyn Local” by Emily Nathan, Artnet, June 08, 2011
“BOS ’11 Intro: Elle & Andrea from Microscope” by Katarina Hybenova, Bushwick Daily, June 01, 2011.
“What’s Showing Today” by Jon Dieringer, ScreenSlate, May 09, 2011
“Recurring Dream” by Amy Taubin, Artforum, May 06, 2011
“Microscope Gallery: James Fotopoulos’ Alice In Wonderland” by Mark Everleth, BadLit, May 02, 2011.
“Microscope Gallery: Tapeless Melodies” by Mark Everleth, BadLit, April 19, 2011.
“Bring Your Own Kodachrome! at Microscope Gallery” by Joel Schlemowitz, Cine Soirée!!, April 19, 2011.
“Microscope Gallery: Penny Lane & Brian Frye” by Mike Everleth, BadLit, February 03, 2011
“Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks,” by Anna D’Agrosa, BushwickBK, February 03, 2011

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