Synchronized fountain, Dubai
by Peggy Ahwesh
2010, 3 minutes, color, sound, video

Pin Ups
by Raul Vincent Enriquez
2009, 7 minutes, color, sound, digital photographs

Join the Freedom Force
by Martha Colburn
2009, 4 minutes, color & sound 16mm film transfer to video

Good Work/Beau Travail
by Agnes Bolt
2009, 5 minutes, color, sound video

D e l i q u e s c e n c e
by Bradley Eros
2004, 9 minutes, b&w and color, sound, video
original format: 8mm & 16mm double film projection

Shadowman (The Structure of Seeing and Hearing)
by Takahiko Iimura
1984/2009, 8 minutes, color, sound, video

by Tom Jarmusch
1995/2004, 41/2 min, color, sound 16mm film transfer to video

by Glen Fogel
2009, 5 minutes, color, sound, single channel video

Museum Heads
by Michel Auder
2008, 4:45 color, sound, video

Museum Heads
by Michel Auder
2008, 4:45 color, sound, video

Made in USA
by Jonas Mekas
2010, 2:45 minutes, color, sound, video

Victor Hugo
by Anton Perich
1978, 14 minutes, color, sound, video

Total Run Time: 68 minutes

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