Bradley Eros



Approximating the Golden Spiral

Bradley Eros’s new light composition APPROXIMATING THE GOLDEN SPIRAL contemplates the intersection of myth and science. 35mm slides hand-made from colored gels, reflective metals and photo collage are arranged within the looping slide carousel according to a Fibonacci sequence.

Bradley Eros
“Approximating the Golden Spiral”, 2013
21 35mm slides, carousel, Kodak slide projector, 2 Xerox collages
approx duration: 10 minutes / timer setting: 7-8 seconds
dimensions variable
ed. of 2 + 1 AP

Included in Approximating the Golden Spiral:


Bradley Eros
“Untitled”, 2013
xerox collage diptych
11 x 8.5 inches
ed. of 2 + 1AP


Deliquescence v.2, 2012
Video from 8mm & 16mm film double projection, color, sound
3 minutes

An ephemeral film of subterranean science, that emphasizes the liquidity of projected light by interlacing figures in a sexual melange, overlaying a  tender fragment of amateur pornography with the amorphous undulations of marine flowers.

CCC: Cassette Cover Collages

Celluloid / Loops, , 2011
sound collage composition in 3 parts / 3 cassette tapes
unique collage cover
7 1/2 x 4″


Artaud / Loon, , 2011
sound collage composition in 3 parts / 3 cassette tapes
unique collage cover
12 x 2 1/2″
















Circles of Sound (Black Gold Red) / Hyena, , 2011
sound collage composition in 5 parts / 5 cassette tapes
unique collage cover
12 1/2 x 4″

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