Still from Normal Love by Jack Smith (1963) – Courtesy of Gladstone Gallery


Scotch Tape (1962) 16mm, color, 3 min

With Jerry Sims, Ken Jacobs and Reese Haire. 16mm Kodachrome shot on the rubble strewn site of the future Lincoln Center. The title arises from the piece of scotch tape which had become wedged in the camera gate.

Overstimulated (1960) 16mm, black and white, 3 min

“This short film, restored in 1995, stars Jerry Sims and the late filmmaker, Bob Fleischner. It is an early filmic exploration of the ‘aesthetic of delirium’ which Smith developed in his later films. At one time, in the 1970s this film was treated by Smith as a fragment, and included in various film/performances with No President. The audio cassette has 12 minutes of material and can be played at any point for the duration of the film.” — J. T. Plaster Foundation

Respectable Creatures (1967) 16mm, color, sound, 25 min

This film, titled by Jack Smith is an unusual blending of his first known film, “Buzzards Over Baghdad” with stray images from “Normal Love” concluding with material which he shot at Carnaval in Rio circa 1967.

Hot Air Specialists (1970’s) 16mm, color, 4 min

A short film in which a man courts a drag queen.

Song for Rent (1970’s) 16mm, color, 4 min

Featuring Jack Smith as a weepily nostalgic reflection of Rose Kennedy.

Yellow Sequence (1963–65), 16mm, 15 min

This is a gold toned coda to Normal Love.

Below: Press shots of Jack Smith (from the Jack Smith Archive)
Courtesy of Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels


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