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Five Ghosts, Carolee Schneemann, 24 x 18″, collage painting, 2010, signed


Untitled (Accumulae), Katherine Bauer, 11.5 x 11.5″, digital c-print from SX-70 Polaroid, 2009, ed. of 1


Masstransiscope (MT-20), Bill Brand, 11 x 17″, Archival Pigment Print on Cotton Rag Paper Proof, 2011


The Altered GaYze (#6 in series), Jack Waters, 5 x 7″, hand-processed photograph from film still, silver leaf, silver pen and stamp, 2011


One Way Empire, Peter Cramer, 8.5 x 10″, Ink Dye Print on paper, 2007, ed. 21 of 25


Once Upon a Sunny Morning, Sabrina Gschwandtner, 13 x 13″, 16mm film, polyamide thread, cotton thread, 2009, framed in wood and plexiglass with LED lights and a dimmer


Landfill Emulsion #1 (from the Landfill 16 series), Jennifer Reeves, 17.5 x 23″, Photographic Print from painted 16mm film frame, 2012 (framed w/ UV glass) ed. 1 of 10


Celluloid / Loops (3 tapes), Bradley Eros, 3-part sound collage on cassette tapes, mixed-media collage cover, 2011, framed, ed. of 1


Lou (Velvet Underground first public appearance, 1966), Jonas Mekas, 20 x 34″, Cibachrome Print, 1995, ed. of 2


Bloody Torso (from Bitch-Beauty series), MM Serra, 9 x 11″, Photographic Print from film still, 2011


Rape Stairs (from Bitch-Beauty series), MM Serra, 9 x 11″, Photographic Print from film still, 2011


Voyeur (from Bitch-Beauty series), MM Serra, 9 x 11″, Photographic Print from film still, 2011


Cinepainting: Nocturne, Joel Schlemowitz, 21 x 25 x 7″, 16mm film mounted in lightbox, 2002


Veiled by the Sun, Smith & Lowles, 12 x 12″, photographic print from film still, 2011


Medication, Anne Hanavan, 15 x 10 x 15″, Pillow in installation, 2005


Film-Makers’ Cooperative’s 35th Anniversary – 1962-1997, Julie Murray, 20 x 10″, Silkscreen Poster, 1997


The Slipping Virgin, Su Friedrich, 24 x 8″, Film Strip Print on Archival Paper, 2012, ed. of 5


Flaming Creatures Poster, Jack Smith,11 1/4 x 9″, original print, 1964, ed. of 12


Poster for a show at the Film-Makers’ Cinematheque in Times Square (Feb. 1966), Barbara Rubin, 11 x 8 1/2″, col. print on paper, 1966, ed. of 12


Penosbcot Bay, Rudy Burckhardt, 12 x 17″, oil on canvas, 1956


Uncle Sam, Martha Colburn, 20 x 14″, collage and watercolor on paper, 2005


On a Saigon Morning, Lynne Sachs, 18 x 24″, framed archival print from collage & pencil on masonite, 2006, ed. 1 of 5


Ray’s Gauge, Mark Street, 22 x 18 x 3″, 35mm film in lightbox, 2010


Mars, disturbance (from the series Planetary Attributes), Jeanne Liotta, 18 x 24″, Photographic Print, 2009, ed. 1 of 3



A collection of drawings by Ken Jacobs and Flo Jacobs used to announce the night’s screenings at the Gramercy Arts Theatre and Film-Makers’ Cinematheque  –  (Courtesy of Jonas Mekas)


New American Cinema Group and Film-Makers’ Cooperative(s) – The Early Years, by Jonas Mekas, Xerox of historical documents, 2004, 475 pgg., ed. of 25


10 Films by Robert Breer, Robert Breer, original poster announcing his screening at Bleecker St Cinema (Film-Makers’ Showcase), Ink on paper  – (Courtesy of Jonas Mekas, NFS)


Sleeping Beauty, Abigail Child, 24 x 43″, Iris Print on Archival Paper, 2005, AP ed. of 3


Painted Horseman, Donna Cameron, 19 x 24″, Cinematic Paper Emulsion Photography, 2002




Film-Makers’ Coop Catalogues:

Film-Makers’ Cooperative Catalogue No. 5

Film-Makers’ Cooperative Catalogue No. 6

Coop Video Catalogue (1990)

Coop Master Index for Catalogue No. 7

Film-Makers’ Lecture Bureau Catalogue No. 1 (Jack Smith cover)



Video Installation:
RE: Film-Makers’ Cooperative
Jonas Mekas, video, color, sound, 1997, 26:30 minutes


Sound Installation:
Meeting of the Film-Makers’ Cooperative – February 21st 1969
Magnetic tape transferred to digital, 159 minutes (2 cd’s)



Jonas Mekas, Digital Scans of b/w Photographs, signed

Barbara Rubin

Charles Theatre

Jack Smith

FMC Meeting

Press Conference

Gramercy Arts Theatre

Jonas in the FMC (photo by Lenny Lipton, NFS)



Ceiling Installation:
Circle and Square, Takahiko Iimura, 16mm punched film installed on ceiling (from performance at Microscope Gallery, March 19, 2011), black spools, 2011

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