Selected Press & Publications

Auchincloss, Emily Johnson, Towards A Group Therapy: Enactions and Disruptions of Irigiray in the Films of Peggy Ahwesh. MFA Thesis, Pratt Institute, May 2013
Blaetz, Robin, ed. Women’s Experimental Cinema, Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2008
Butler, Alison (editor), dossier: Peggy Ahwesh, Screen, volume 55, number 4, University of Glasgow, UK (Forthcoming 2015)
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Gangitano, Lia. Warhol’s Grave, Steve Reinke and Tom Taylor, ed. LUX: A Decade of Artists Film and Video.  XYZ Books, Toronto, 2000
Gorfinkel, Elena. Arousal in Ruins, World Picture #4, online journal, 2010
Griffin, Tim. Bury the Lead, World Art, #16, 1998
Iles, Chrissie. Biennial Exhibition Catalogue, Whitney Museum of American Art, 2002
Jones, Rhett, Have a Good Weekend…, Animal New York, Nov. 21, 2014
Johnson, Paddy & Kirsch, Corinna, This Week’s Must See Art Events, ArtFCity, Novmeber 17, 2014
Lewis, Jon, ed. The New American Cinema. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1998
MacDonald, Scott. Peggy Ahwesh interview, A Critical Cinema #5, U of CA Press, 2006
Mamula, Tuana. Cinemas of Poetry & Violence: Rotterdam Film Festival, Bright Lights Film, Issue 72, May 2011
Rhodes, John David. Great Directors Critical Database, Senses of Cinema, 2003
Shaviro, Steven. Stranded in the Jungle, Ch. 17 Decomposing, 1998 online book
Taubin, Amy. Women on Top, Village Voice, August 5, 1997
Thomas, Mary. Pittsburgh Biennial  final 2 parts…, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Sept. 14, 2011
Thomas, Mary. The 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial…, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, June 8, 2011
Wasserman, Nadine, The Carnegie’s leg of the PIttsburgh Biennial finds the art in work, and the work in art, Pittsburgh City Paper, Sept. 1, 2011
White, Kenneth. Visions of Excess, Lacanian Ink online, 2007
Wees, William. The Color of Love & Recycling of Pornography, Université Laval, 2001

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