August 25 – September 8
Opening Saturday August 25, 6-9pm
Curated by High Voltage City Planning
Featuring works by: Renée Kim, Jazoo Yang, Domino, Junga Kwon, Jinie Park, Diny Lee, “D”



Byproducts Seoul: a ventilation of shaded parts of Seoul

In Seoul, we have been imposed to celebrate the grand success of the city. In terms of forging our cultural profile, a leading class has been constantly focusing on only the gains of the city. To disguise the massive loss during the Korean War, the method that has been chosen is to manipulate the result. Only the economically or socially successful cases have been exposed as our representatives of urban culture. Inevitably, it makes the unsuccessful creatures of the city to be abandoned and to be neglected.

The general idea of 7 artists’, Renée Kim, Jazoo Yang, Domino, Junga Kwon, Jinie Park, Diny Lee and “D”, is to deconstruct this definition of Seoul. Rather than deifying the conquerors of the city, the artists choose the way to focusing on the creations, those are made by the errors of the city. Abandoned social classes, violent development processes, sexual pressures and such things, which have not yet been perceived as our definition of the city, are surfaced by these artists by using their own art medium.

Donguk Agos Lee (Director of High Voltage City Planning)



Junga Kwon, “Organic Solidarity”, Mixed Media on canvas, 72.7 x 60.5 cm, 2012

Junga Kwon
Seoul in the 21st Century has been made rapid progress since the Korean War in 1950. Outwardly it looks remarkable but it has caused side effect, Defeatism. The defeatism – an acceptance of defeat without struggle – is endemic in our society. For example, the Salvation Army which is the biggest charity organization in Korea had become a hotbed of corruption. Nowadays we know that no matter who donated a lot, the poor cannot get any help. Also a turnout of vote of the National Assembly is getting lower. Because we know it will not make any changes, but make a fat purse. Moreover the members of Korean Alliance progressive movement even are old fashioned men whose thoughts are all wasted. It is like assembling too old parts into an Ipad4. All of media, structures and systems delude us into thinking we are living in the new glittering world. However they actually make us be alienated and isolated with desperation toward genuine progress what we eagerly wanted.

Images which are embodied in my painting have narratives about incidents and accidents that are caused the defeatism in the society. The images are spurting throughout the land and blowing up to the progress as uprising and movement in the past. But it produced byproducts. They break cover themselves and then finally they are about to embark on pollution and metastasis against the main systems, structures and media with sneering.

Renée Kim, “Bad Girl Good Girl”, photography, 43.87 x 65.52cm, 2010

Renée Kim
My works are all about The Social Standards we face in Seoul.
About Winner and Loser, Looks and Expectation.
The world I am living in is a world of specialized expectation and standards.

Jazoo Yang, “The Face no.29”, acrylic on canvas, 125 x 110cm, 2011

Jazoo Yang
I am exploring Seoul to trace and to redefine the human figure that is being obsoleted from the modern society. I call this specific species ‘Homo Origian’. This social class lives in one of the poorest districts of Seoul. Due to the power dynamics of higher hierarchies, they are losing their places for living repeatedly. They are continuously evicted to the lands with lower value. I draw the portraits of these people.

Domino, “the double funeral”, playing time: 18m 19s, 2012

The double funeral is a story of deconstruction and absence of a certain structure.
Deconstruction is a phenomenon where an assemblage of physical, rational, and sentimental things is scattered by a certain affinity. Absence is a clean space created after the remainder of scattered pieces of physical, rational, and sentimental things return to its original position. In “double window”, through the subjective and objective vision and various expressions, it’s necessary to draw how physical, rational and sentimental things that used to be concentrated on one space disappear into the absence.

Jinie Park, “Construction”, mixed media, variable size, 2012

Jinie Park
Seoul, the city, has a large amount of grid lines and spaces, which divides the city into smaller grids and spaces. Not only the main intended spaces, but also hidden and unintended spaces are being generated during the process of dividing. In other words, they construct new spaces that have special and unique identities.

At first, I found fragmented spaces of the city and blended them with the particles from construction buildings. Finally, I focused on showing the abstract aspects of the city that includes many different impressions.

“D”, “Untitled”, acrylic on canvas, 60.6 x 50.0cm, 2012

Facial exploration of Seoul

Diny Lee, “Insecure night of Seoul”, mixed media on canvas and wood, 150 x 400cm, 2012


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