Selected Press

“Top Ten” by Jessie Stead, Artforum (print), October 2014
BRADLEY EROS eau de cinema…”, by Maya Harakawa, The  Brooklyn Rail, July 15, 2014
“Fine Art: Playing With Senses and Memory”, by Peter Plagens, Wall Street Journal, July 5, 2014
“Job Fair” at Silent Barn: Cinema of Transgression, Net Art Enfant Terrible”, by Marina Galperina, April 22, 2014
“Best of 2014: Our Top 10 Brooklyn Art Shows”, Hyperallergic, December, 2014
“Slide, Slide, Slide”, Wagmag, November 2014

“Spotlight: NYFA’s Strong Presence at Armory Arts Week”, NYFA Current, March 3, 2014
“Triple Blind: Bradley Eros, Jeanne Liotta y Kenneth Curwood” by Albert Alcoz, Visionary Film, March 23, 2013
“Le New York de Jean-Stephane Sauvaire,” Le Monde, May 10, 2013
“An Intentional Spectacle: ‘HPSCHD’ at Eyebeam” by Steve Smith, New York Times. May 5, 2013
“Repertory Film: Mixing and Maximizing” by Steve Dollar, Wall Street Journal.Sept. 8, 2011
“Short Circuit: The Best of the Migrating Forms Film Festival” by R. Emmett Sweeney, The Rumpus. May 3, 2009
“Migrating Forms” by Michael Joshua Rowin, L Magazine. April 15, 2009
“Bruce Conner Tribute at Light Industry” by Bosko Blagojevik, ArtCat, Oct 13, 2008
“On Flux Films & Bradley Eros.” More Milk Yvette, Oct 21, 2008
Art on Air, with Lynne Sachs and MM Serra, April 2007
“Keeping Time: on Collecting Film & Video Art in the Museum,” by Chrissie Isle & Henriette Huldisch. Collecting the New: Museums and Contemporary Art. 1st & 2nd ed. Ed. Bruce Altshuler. Princeton University Press. Princeton, NJ.  p81. 2005 & 2007 
“Loisaida Talking Pictures.”On Edge: Performance at the End of the 20th Century (Revised Edition), Cynthia Carr. Wesleyen University Press, Middletown, CT. p. 79. 2007
“Vision Quest: Get Your Avant Garde Cinema On,” by Ed Halter. The Village Voice. Feb. 28, 2006
“Elastic Film, Mercurial Cinema”,, originally published in Whitney Biennial 2006: Day for Night
Experimental Film and Video: An Anthology by Jackie Hattfield & Steven Littman. John Libby Pub, Eastleigh, UK, distributed in the US by Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN. p.172. 2006
“HARKNESS A/V at MONKEY TOWN features Bradley Eros, Ray Sweeten, Zach Layton & Chika”, Mark Cooley, Rhizome. Dec. 2005
“I Just Pass My Hand Over the Surface of Things: On and Off the Screen, circa 2003.” A Line of  Sight; American Avant Garde Film Since 1965. Arthur Paul. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN.  p. 164-5. 2005
Rhizome, by Mark Cooley, December 2005
“Getting Over; Going Underground,” by Amy Taubin. The Village Voice. March 7, 2000
“Balancing the Audio and Visual,” by Kyle Gann. The Village Voice, Sept. 7, 1999

Selected Publications

Millennium Film Journal #56. Essay & artist pages. 2012
Sequence, London. Artist page. 2012
Performa09. Catalog. Photograph documents & description. 2009
“Elastic Film, Mercurial Cinema”, Whitney Biennial 2006 catalog. Essay. 2006
“There will be projections in all directions.” Millennium Film Journal #43/44. Essay. 2005
CAPTURED: A Lower Eastside Film and Video History. Ed. Clayton Patterson. Interview & Essay. 2005
Whitney Biennial 2004 catalog, Poster. 2004
Big As Life: A History of 8mm Film. MoMA catalog. Aphorisms. 1998
San Francisco Cinematheque Journal. Cut-up text. 1995
New Observations journal. Cut-up text. 1994
The Act – Performance art journal. Essay. 1987

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