Monuments, Photo Booklet by Allison Somers, 2012, ed. of 100
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Nostalghia, Nostalghia
Video installation, dimensions variable, projection on wall, digital video (b/w, sound, 18 min), reflecting black plexiglass perpendicular on floor, 2012, ed. of 3

Short description:
San Galgano, Tuscany. A church without a roof. The absent barrier between prayers and the heavens. Yet ironically, the caving in of this ceiling (caused by lightning) led to the subsequent deconsecration of this sacred space. Some six hundred years later Andrei Tarkovsky re-consecrates this same church in his 1982 film Nostalgia, as the setting for a reconciliation between the protagonist’s past and present. A space containing the space of memory, yet allowing access to the sky and beyond. In Somers’ video, Nostalghia, Nostalghia, the recorded church space is again hallowed as an extension of the gallery – itself sometimes a sacred container of dreams and memories…

Your Ellipsis My River
Single-channel video, color, sound, 5:21 min, 2012, ed. of 5 + 2 APs

Short description:
Filmed on location at various archeological sites in Cyprus, Your Ellipsis My Riverdraws on the dislocation between experience and reality. My first ever narrative video project, it weaves the brief story of a protagonist recalling the stones she mistook for a man’s beloved face. The ellipsis is the gap between language and comprehension; between memory and experience; the extension; a breath or a sigh between the of two. It engages the subjectivity of so many things we like to believe are concretely knowable, real, and true. This piece also ties into the concept of reconciliation and it’s impossibility.

Single-channel video, color, silent, 2012, 1:50 min, ed. of 5 + 2 APs

Short description:
Shot in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus to the East of Greece, Allison Somers’ Blink  is the artist’s fatal encounter with a mysterious mirror immersed in the green nature, which is magically suspended and spins according to the breath of the wind, recalling the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus, their love and quest for each other through the woods.

“A glimmer of light taps me on the shoulder. Asks me to come closer. Tells me to look for my reflection. But I can’t find it. It’s teasing me. I can only see light and movement and it takes me. Somewhere else. Into an endless elsewhere. Blink. And then I’m back.” — AS



Photographic Prints – Installation view

14 x 11″, hand-processed b&w photographic print, 2012, unique

Destroyed Object (Solarized)
14 x 11″, hand-processed b&w photographic print, 2012, unique

14 x 11″, hand-processed b&w photographic print, 2012, unique

14 x 11″, hand-processed b&w photographic print, 2012, unique

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