New Time
(or 25 years waiting for tomorrow)

new works by Jacob Morales Marchosky
from 11:11 AM December 21, 2012 through January 7, 2013
Opening Reception Friday December 21, 10AM through 1PM


Microscope Gallery is pleased to present New Time (or 25 years waiting for tomorrow) a multi-media exhibition featuring installation, sculpture, and video by Puerto-Rican born, Brooklyn-based artist Jacob Morales Marchosky. The central work of the show “Temple Clock, and Light Constellations” is a large-scale installation featuring lasers, fog machine, mahogany cabinets and a digital alarm clock among other objects. The piece is inspired by the concept of the End Time as related to a time cycle (perhaps the Mesoamerican Long Count) the artist first read about as a child in a factual book, which indicated that the many thousands of years cycle would come to completion at 11:11AM on December 21, 2012. For 25 years, Marchosky has been awaiting this moment and the start of “New Time”.

Additional works in the show also include “Gaussian Curtain, Trust Me” a disorienting interactive installation made primarily from strips of VHS tape. Video, and other related objects are also on view.

“I have looked forward to the coming of this date, with open speculation and terrible hope and when it comes, it will no longer be in the future. It will last for a moment, then pass, a moment in timekeeping … for me it will be an end, or a coming of times without future expectations, things that will mark my future time, it will, give me fresh, new time.”  –JMM



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Jacob Morales Marchosky is a Brooklyn-based artist working primarily with sculpture, installation, video and sound. Labyrinths, paradoxical machines, circuits, and optical illusions appear frequently in his work, which often deals with the limits of technology and alternative solutions. Marchosky has previously exhibited at The Steps Gallery, UK; Petrus Gallery, San Juan; Dorsch Gallery, Miami; Galleria 356, San Juan; Helix Gallery, Miami; among others. Marchosky was born in Santurce Puerto Rico in 1976. He has a BFA in sculpture from Escuela de artes Plasticas, San Juan, Puerto Rico and previously studied electrical engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Installation Sketches – All images courtesy of Jacob Morales Marchosky © 2012

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